Resizing Images: Fast Stone Resizer for PC

NuORDER's default image dimensions are 700 x 1100 pixels in JPEG/PNG format. If you would like to reformat your images internally prior to uploading, there are free apps available that can do this in bulk.

Fast Stone Photo Resizer is a tool that enables users to resize images quickly and easily on your PC. For Mac users, there is a similar tool called Resize Sense. 

Resizing Photos

1. Click on the button with the ellipsis to the right of the search bar to brows your photos. You will see your files in the box under the search bar.

2. Highlight the file (s) you want to resize. Click on the Add --> button to select the file(s). You will see your selected file(s) in the box to the right. 

3. Click on the Advanced Options button. (If the button is not visible, check the box Use Advanced Options (Resize...)).

4. Click on the Resize tab. Make sure the Resize box is checked. Select Resize based on one side. Select Width from the drop down menu for Predefined Side. Type in 700 next to pixels.

5. Click on the Canvas tab. Make sure the Change Canvas Size box is checked. Select In Pixels. Type in 700 for New Canvas Width. Type in 1100 for New Canvas Height. Click OK.

6. Select for JPEG or PNG Output Format. Click the Browse button to select the Output Folder.

7. Click Convert. You will see your newly resized photos in your selected output folder.


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