Linesheets overview for brands

A Linesheet (aka Catalog) is a wholesale sales sheet used to merchandise products and are an essential selling tool for most brands. Linesheets promote your products, using product images, pricing, sizing, shipping and inventory information, UPCs, and just about any information you can associate with products.

Note: See Creating linesheets for a deep dive into building a great Linesheet.

Accessing linesheets

Navigate to your Linesheets by selecting Linesheets from the left navigation menu.

Access Linesheets from the left navigation menu.

Select a cover image to view a Linesheet. As common examples, the below Linesheets include specific sets like Season, Collection, and Prebook.

Note: If you'd like to rename Linesheets to Catalogs for your brand, contact our Support team.

Select a cover image to open a Linesheet.

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Using linesheets

When viewing a Linesheet, you can send, download, add products, and activate the Linesheet.


Select Send in the upper-right corner to email a Linesheet to a customer or a contact group.

Select Send to email a Linesheet.

Use the Send Linesheet window to specify the email recipient(s) by email, name, or smart group.

Include a Subject and Message with marketing copy or other notes to send with the Linesheet.

Using the options in the upper part of the screen, specify if you'd like to send the Linesheet as an EZ Order and if the email should include a PDF or XLSX file of the products in the Linesheet.

Adjust dates for Expiration, Ship Start, and Ship End, if needed.

As you prepare your email, you can use the options at the bottom of the screen to Send Me Test Email (to look it over before sending) or Save Draft Campaign (if you're not ready to send).

When you're ready, select Send. Sent Linesheets are stored in NuORDER as Campaigns, which you can review by selecting Campaigns from the left navigation menu.

Send Linesheet options. Access Campaigns from the left navigation menu.


Select Download in the upper-right corner to export the Linesheet. Use downloaded Linesheets at Trade Shows or send them to potential accounts.

Select Download from a Linesheet.

Use the Download window to select a File Format and then choose a Template (a NuORDER version or create your own in Admin > Manage Linesheets).

Make any other preference selections and then select Download.

Download Linesheet options.

Add products

Add products to a Linesheet by selecting the teal circle with a plus sign in the lower-left corner. 

Select the plus icon to add products.

A menu appears at the bottom of your screen, listing products that you can add to the Linesheet.

Use the Search Products field and the filters (to the right of this search field) to narrow down your list, and then drag and drop products into the Linesheet.

Select and drag product images to reposition them on the Linesheet.

Use the search and filter options to narrow down the list of products.

When users access the Linesheet, they can filter which products are displayed.

Note: See Linesheets from the buyer's perspective with Linesheets for buyers and learn more about filters with Product filters.


If you have a Linesheet appearing as inactive, you can activate it in the Linesheet's Settings by selecting the pencil icon below the main image.

Select the pencil icon to adjust Linesheet settings.

Turn on the Active toggle. Make any other adjustments you need and then select Done.

Turn on the Active toggle.

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Additional resources

Check out the below video and Best Practices for Merchandising your Linesheets for additional tips.

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