Linesheet visibility

Linesheet visibility depends on 3 types of requirements: Currencies, Customer Groups, and Subteams. You can also open up visibility to all guest buyers.

Visibility logic

When a Linesheet has multiple visibility rules, the intended viewer must meet all requirement types. Examples:

  • If a sales rep is assigned to a Subteam that is applied a Linesheet, but their assigned currency is not, then the sales rep won't see the Linesheet.
  • If a buyer is assigned to one of the currencies applied to a Linesheet, but isn't assigned to any of the applied Customer Groups, then the buyer won't see the Linesheet.


For the currency (or currencies) applied to a Linesheet, the intended viewer must have that currency assigned to them; this is true for both brand users and retail buyers.

For example, if a Linesheet is set to CAD, but an account wishing to view it is only assigned to USD, then that account won't see the Linesheet.


Customer Groups

To add a Customer Group to a Linesheet, open your Linesheet and select Edit Linesheet Settings (pencil icon). Edit the groups listed in Allowed Customer Groups.

Similar to currency, if the intended viewer isn't assigned to any Customer Group(s) that are applied to the Linesheet, then they won't see the Linesheet.

Edit a Linesheet.

Subteams (brand users only)

To view a Linesheet applied to particular Subteam(s), sales reps, sales managers, and brand admins need to be assigned to at least one of the Subteams as well.


Guest buyers

If you'd like to open visibility of your Linesheet to guest buyers, go into the Linesheet's Settings (pencil icon below the banner) and toggle on Visible to Guest Buyers. Select Done.

Guest buyers.

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