Office MasterSystem (OMS) integration

OMS has utilized the NuORDER API to develop a connection using its Pavo cloud service. The integration is managed and maintained by the OMS/Pavo team, and NuORDER will provide support and guidance during the implementation. Contact your OMS Account Manager to use Pavo for a connection to NuORDER.



Version: You must be running a version of OMS that supports Pavo, the cloud platform developed by the team at OMS. There is an additional charge to connect Pavo with OMS. Please contact your OMS Account Manager to let them know you’d like to integrate with NuORDER.

Learn about what the default mappings are between OMS/Pavo and NuORDER: OMS Default Mappings with NuORDER.

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Data flow

The data flow encompasses the following elements:

  • Products - from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER 
  • Customers - from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER
  • Inventory - from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER 
  • Sales Orders - from NuORDER to OMS/Pavo
  • Order Edits - from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER 
  • Order Shipments – from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER
  • Order Creation- from OMS/Pave to NuORDER

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Sync frequency

OMS fetches Approved Orders every 10 minutes, from NuORDER.

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Turnaround time

After your OMS system successfully connects to Pavo, the integration project is expected to take around 12-16 weeks from the project kickoff to completion. This timeline encompasses all stages of the rollout, including:

  • Planning and discovery sessions
  • Data cleanup and preparation on your end for OMS integration
  • Testing and review in the NuORDER sandbox
  • Adjustments as needed
  • Final review and sign-off
  • Transfer from sandbox to  NuORDER production portal
  • Post-launch troubleshooting

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Your team's involvement

From your team, the following key roles will be involved:

  1. Your OMS Administrator, or someone technical who is familiar with your specific OMS setup.
  2. Sales or Operations Manager who understands your business, how it is structured and how the reps sell.

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Your responsibilities

  • Providing detailed information about your OMS setup and sales process.
  • Ensuring that your OMS portal is ready for integration (e.g., product, customer, and inventory data is populated in OMS).
  • Offering insights into data fields used in OMS and parameters for item/customer synchronization with NuORDER.
  • Making necessary bulk adjustments, such as adding new fields to your OMS data, for an optimal NuORDER user experience.
  • Designating & reviewing data in the NuORDER sandbox and providing feedback.
  • Creating & reviewing test orders in OMS and offering feedback.
  • Providing final approval for the go-live stage.
  • Monitoring data feeds daily after going live to ensure correctness.
  • Collaborating with us to address any unforeseen issues that may arise once your team is actively using NuORDER in the live sales environment.

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NuORDER team's involvement

From the NuORDER team, you can expect:

  • An Integration Manager who will be your day-to-day point person, manage the project and guide you through the rollout from start to finish.

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NuORDER's responsibilities

We will be responsible for:

  • Gaining an understanding of your specific OMS setup and sales process.
  • Coordinating with your OMS developer to synchronize test data into the NuORDER sandbox.
  • Coordinating with your OMS developer to synchronize test orders into OMS.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from the sandbox to production.
  • Keeping your team updated throughout the process and addressing any delays as they arise.
  • Resolving any unexpected issues that may occur after the go-live stage.

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Data transfer method

Data will be transfer using API.

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Special considerations for OMS

OMS updates NuOrder Order number with the OMS Order number:

The workflow is:

  1. Order is marked "Approved" in NuOrder
  2. Order is downloaded and an OMS order number is generated
  3. Order is marked "Processed" in NuOrder
  4. OMS returns an order update for this order a couple seconds after the order is generated in OMS, and we update the order in NuOrder with the "Update Order by Number '' endpoint. NuOrder's order number will change to OMS's order number
  5. All subsequent updates will use the new OMS order number as the NuOrder order number

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What's supported

These are the capabilities and callouts for what's supported.

What's supported: Products


Creating & updating items: Our system will be able to identify which items are new and which already exist in our system.

Customized data mapping: OMS will customize the product data mapping to utilize your relevant data fields for the NuORDER product data.

Pricing & Multiple currencies: NuORDER provides two prices--retail and wholesale. These price fields can be mapped to two of the five OMS price types and prices are sent to NuORDER.

Export parameters: Items marked Active on OMS will be reflected as active in NUORDER, and all other items will be archived and inactive.

Automated Export Schedule: Changes are reflected live from OMS to NuORDER



Price dictated at the Style Number level. Volume pricing and price per size not available.


What's supported: Customers


Creating & updating customers: Our system will be able to identify which customers are new and which already exist in our system.

Data mapping: OMS will work with you on a custom mapping (if needed) between what fields you would like on the OMS Customer File to be uploaded to our Company page.

Multiple billing & shipping addresses are supported as well as Customer level discounts.
Automated Export Schedule:
Changes are reflected live from OMS to NuORDER  



Sales Rep assignment is not included and must be managed manually in NuORDER.


What's supported: Inventory


Immediate ATS (in-stock or available) quantities can be uploaded from OMS to NUORDER.

WIP (work-in-progress) inventory is supported based on P/Os. Multiple P/Os are supported.

Warehouses: Multiple warehouses are supported. You will need to set up the warehouses in NuORDER prior to uploading your data. (Go to Admin > Brand Settings.) Once warehouses are set up in NuORDER you can map a NUORDER warehouse to an OMS Warehouse Number

Changes to inventory ore reflected live from OMS to NuORDER   


What's supported: Orders (NuORDER -> OMS)


Custom fields are supported.

Export Parameters: Orders will download from NuORDER to OMS if they are marked “Approved” in NuORDER. The OMS order number will be changed on NuORDER. As each order synce from NuORDER to OMS the NuORDER order number will be replaced by the OMS order number. The order number between OMS/Pavo and NuORDER will match after syncing.

Automated Import: Orders are synced from NuORDER to OMS every ten minutes.

Order fulfilment process: Once the order has been synced to OMS, your team will take it from there per your normal approval and fulfillment process.



Editing or Canceling orders: After the order has been imported into OMS, any further changes must be done directly in OMS.   


What's supported: Orders (OMS -> NuORDER)


Changes to existing orders: NuORDER can accept order updates back from OMS, including:

  • Price changes
  • Adding/canceling line items
  • Shipment & tracking information, including line items shipped 
  • Partial shipments are supported
  • Canceling orders

External order creation: NuORDER can accept orders that originated in OMS, as long as the customer and line items exist in NuORDER.

Automated Import schedule: Orders are uploaded live from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER.



Import errors due to missing data: To accept an order edit or a new order from OMS, the customer record and all line items and must exist in NuORDER. If any of the records are not found, you will need to first send those to NuORDER.


What's supported: Orders shipments (OMS -> NuORDER)


When sales orders in OMS are transferred to an invoice and a tracking number is present, Pavo will upload the tracking number as a shipment on NuORER with the line items that were reflected on the OMS Sales Order.



Orders in NuORDER will only be updated to Shipped status once all items on the order have been fulfilled. 

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