A2000 integration

A2000 will be connected to NuORDER through a flat file integration, meaning the two systems will be generating TXT / CSV files of your data, and transferring them back and forth through an FTP. Please note that you will need to contact your A2000 Account Manager to let them know that you would like to integrate with NuORDER.

The flow of data includes:

  • Products - from A2000 to NuORDER 
  • Customers - from A2000 to NuORDER 
  • Inventory - from A2000 to NuORDER 
  • Orders - from NuORDER to A2000
  • Order Shipments - from A2000 to NuORDER 

Turnaround Time

The average A2000 integration will take approximately 8-10 weeks from the project kickoff to completion. This does not mean we'll be spending 8-10 weeks writing code, but rather this is the complete time to get through all stages of the rollout. The part of the process that takes the most time is prepping your A2000 data for the integration. Once this is complete, testing and final review should only take a couple weeks.

  • Planning and discovery sessions
  • Any preparation on your side to get your A2000 data cleaned up and ready for integration
  • Testing and review in the NuORDER sandbox
  • Adjustments
  • Final review and sign-off
  • Transfer from sandbox to production 
  • Post-launch troubleshooting

Who's Involved From Your Team

  • Your A2000 Administrator, or someone technical who is familiar with your specific A2000 setup.
  • Sales or Operations Manager who understands your business, how it is structured and how the reps sell. 

What you'll be doing

  • Answering questions about your specific A2000 setup and sales process.
  • In some cases, you might need to make some bulk adjustments (e.g. adding a new field or editing for consistency) to your data in A2000 so that we can achieve the best possible experience for your users in NuORDER.
  • Reviewing your data in the NuORDER sandbox and providing feedback.
  • Reviewing test orders in A2000 and providing feedback.
  • Reviewing and validating again as any adjustments are made to the feeds.
  • Providing the final sign-off to go live.
  • Reviewing the data feeds day-to-day after you go live to make sure everything is looking correct.
  • Working with us and A2000 to address any issues that may arise once your team is using NuORDER in the live sales environment.


Who's Involved From the NuORDER Team

  • An Integration Manager who will be your day-to-day point person, manage the project and guide you through the rollout from start to finish.

What we'll be doing

  • Asking questions about your specific A2000 setup and sales process.
  • Working with A2000, via you, as they configure the data files to import & export based on your specific business rules.
  • Advising on special requirements or customizations, and how they can be achieved through the integration.
  • Configuring your FTP settings in NuORDER if you are utilizing Flat File.
  • Reviewing test data with you in the NuORDER sandbox.
  • Generating and exporting test orders to A2000.
  • Making sure your team is updated throughout the process and addressing delays that might occur on either side.
  • Working with you and A2000 to troubleshoot any unexpected issues that arise after launch.


What's Supported: Products


Creating & updating items: Our system will be able to identify which items are new and which already exist in our system.

Customized data mapping: A2000 will customize the product data mapping to utilize your relevant data fields for the NuORDER product data.

Additional custom fields are supported.

Pricing & Multiple currencies: Multiple currencies are supported. The product data will include a default wholesale and retail price for the each currency you are using. Additional levels of pricing can be supported through customer-level discounts or price sheets.

Pricing per size is supported.  

Archiving Products via Integration: You are able to archive/unarchive as well as mark products as disabled or active via the integration.

Automated Export Schedule: You will be able to decide how frequently you wish to export product updates from A2000, up to hourly. You can also send data to the FTP on demand.  



A2000 will provide you with product field export options and ask you to specify which A2000 fields you'd like to have mapped.

Carryover Styles: Let us know if your brand works with carryover styles. There are a few different ways this can be supported in NuORDER.



What's Supported: Customers


Creating & updating customers: Our system will be able to identify which customers are new and which already exist in our system.

Data mapping: You will export company fields from A2000 for mapping in NuORDER. Additional custom fields can be supported if needed.

Multiple billing & shipping addresses are supported.

Export parameters: Your NuORDER export will include all customers. 

Archiving Customers via Integration: You are able to archive/unarchive customers via the integration.

Automated Export Schedule: You will be able to decide how frequently you wish to export customer updates from A2000, up to hourly. You can also send data to the FTP on demand.  



Buyer data (name, email address, sales rep assignment) is not included in the customer data feed and must be managed directly within NuORDER.

Common upload errors: The most common upload error is when Line 1 or Country is missing from any billing or shipping address. Make sure this is entered for every customer, including department stores.

Process for New Customers: When working with a new customer in NuORDER, you will need to save the order as a DRAFT. Your team will need to add the new customer record into A2000 first and export it to NuORDER. T Once the customer is visible in NuORDER, the sales rep can open their draft, select the customer, fill in the buyer's name and email address, and submit the official order.


What's Supported: Inventory


Immediate ATS (available to sell) quantities: You will be able to specify with A2000 which quantities or calculations you want to be sent to NuORDER. 

WIP (work-in-progress) inventory is supported. 

Warehouses: Multiple warehouses are supported. You will need to set up the warehouses in NuORDER prior to uploading your data. (Go to Admin > Brand Settings.)

Automated Export Schedule: You will be able to decide how frequently you wish to export inventory data from A2000, up to hourly. You can also send data to the FTP on demand.   



Prebooking: For items that should have unlimited quantity available in NuORDER, you will control this directly in NuORDER via the Admin section. Rules can be based on any product attributes, and you will have direct access to control and update the rules as needed. 

To avoid error you will need to be validating your "Available Dates" to make sure ATS data will be sent correctly as "Immediate" or other WIP dates.

NuORDER Requirements The following fields will be required for NuORDER to process your inventory file (these are not usually an issue with A2000 feeds):

  • UPC
  • Quantity


What's Supported: Orders (NuORDER -> A2000)


Custom fields are supported.

Export Parameters: You will be able to select Approved, Pending, or In Review orders to be exported from NuORDER.

Automated Import/Export Schedule: You will be able to decide how frequently you wish to import orders into A2000, up to every 10 minutes

Order fulfillment process: Once the order has been synced to A2000, your team will take it from there per your normal approval and fulfillment process.




Order Import Failures: When we send the orders to A2000 via the FTP, we provide the A2000 customer code as well as the product UPCs. If any of these values are not recognized in A2000 (e.g. if there was a typo, or the record has been altered in the ERP), the order will fail to import. If this happens, you will need to review the order and resolve the issue.

Editing or Canceling orders: After the order has been imported into A2000, any further changes must be done directly in A2000.   


Here are some common order-related setting in A2000 that we support:

Order Types -- We will create a custom dropdown for reps to select on orders to send back to A2000. Common order types are 0=Prebook, A=At-Once

Require Customer PO -- We can copy in the NuO order number if the PO is left blank or require all orders to have a Customer PO Number.

NuORDER Requirements

The following action must be taken to send orders to A2000:

Order must be “Approved” in NuORDER. If orders are manually moved into the “Processed” status, they will not be exported to A2000.



What's Supported: Order Shipments (A2000 -> NuORDER)


Mark Order as Shipped in NuORDER and Provide Tracking information: NuORDER can accept order shipments back from A2000, including:

  • Shipping Method
  • Tracking Number
  • Shipment Date

Automated schedule: Order Shipments can be exported to NuORDER up to hourly.



Import errors due to missing data: To accept an order shipment from A2000, the Order Number, all line items must exist in NuORDER. If any of the records are not found in the order, you will need to first update the order in NuORDER. 



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