ApparelMagic Cloud integration

This article is for ApparelMagic Cloud. If you're using ApparelMagic Desktop, click here.

Our in-house NuORDER team has developed an integration with ApparelMagic Cloud. To ensure a smooth integration project, make sure your ApparelMagic Cloud portal is populated with product and customer data in advance.


Data flow

The data flow encompasses the following elements: 

  • Product Data - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER
  • Customer Data - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER
  • Inventory Data - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER (Available to Sell & Future/WIP)
  • Images – from ApparelMagic to NuORDER
  • Sales Orders - from NuORDER to ApparelMagic Cloud
  • Order Edits - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER
  • Order Shipments - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER
  • Order Creation - from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER

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Sync frequency

Whenever changes occur in ApparelMagic Cloud, such as product updates, inventory levels, or customer changes, they are placed in a queue. The data feeds will be updated multiple times daily based on the agreed sync times. Orders will sync from NuORDER to ApparelMagic Cloud upon submission.

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Turnaround time

The ApparelMagic Cloud integration project is expected to take around 12-16 weeks from the project kickoff to completion. This timeline encompasses all stages of the rollout, including:

  • Planning and discovery sessions
  • Data cleanup and preparation on your end for ApparelMagic Cloud integration
  • Custom configuration of the data integration between NuORDER and ApparelMagic Cloud
  • Testing and review in the NuORDER sandbox
  • Adjustments as needed
  • Final review and sign-off
  • Transition from the sandbox to production
  • Post-launch troubleshooting

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Your team's involvement

From your team, the following key roles will be involved:

  1. Your ApparelMagic Cloud Administrator or a technically proficient team member familiar with your ApparelMagic Cloud setup.
  2. A Sales or Operations Manager who understands your business structure and the sales process. 

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Your responsibilities

You will be responsible for:

  • Providing detailed information about your ApparelMagic Cloud setup and sales  process.
  • Ensuring that your ApparelMagic Cloud portal is ready for integration (e.g., product, customer, and inventory data is populated in ApparelMagic Cloud).
  • Offering insights into data fields used in ApparelMagic Cloud and parameters for  item/customer synchronization with NuORDER.
  • Making necessary bulk adjustments, such as adding new fields to your ApparelMagic Cloud data, for an optimal NuORDER user experience.
  • Designating and reviewing data in the NuORDER sandbox and providing feedback.
  • Creating and reviewing test orders in ApparelMagic Cloud and offering feedback.
  • Providing final approval for the go-live stage.
  • Monitoring data feeds daily after going live to ensure correctness.
  • Collaborating with us to address any unforeseen issues that may arise once your team is actively using NuORDER in the live sales environment.

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NuORDER team's involvement

From the NuORDER team, you can expect:

  1. An Integration Manager who will serve as your main point of contact, overseeing the project and guiding you throughout the rollout.
  2. An Integration Engineer who will handle the integration setup and configure the mapped fields and logic designated.

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NuORDER's responsibilities

We will be responsible for:

  • Gaining an understanding of your specific ApparelMagic Cloud setup and sales process.
  • Customizing integration setup based on your unique data fields, logic, and business rules.
  • Synchronizing test data into the NuORDER sandbox.
  • Synchronizing test orders into ApparelMagic Cloud.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from the Sandbox to Production environment.
  • Keeping your team updated throughout the process and addressing any delays as they arise.
  • Resolving any unexpected issues that may occur after the go-live stage. 

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Data transfer method

Data will be transferred using API.

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Special considerations for ApparelMagic Cloud

Access to your ApparelMagic Cloud Account

Before we commence, please provide us with a login to your ApparelMagic Cloud  account. It is advisable to set up a dedicated login during the project term. You will also need to provide us with your AMC + NuORDER token and the brand-specific URL for your AMC account. 

ApparelMagic Cloud Internal Codes

For Customers: There are AMC-generated codes that will be added to our "Company Code" field (these can be found at the end of the URL when viewing a specific customer).

For Products: There are AMC-generated codes that will be added to our "UPC" field (these can be found at the end of the URL when viewing a specific inventory item). 

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What's supported

These are the capabilities and callouts for what's supported.

What's supported: Products


Creating & updating items: Our system will be able to identify which items are new and which already exist in our system.

Pricing & Multiple currencies: We will sync a default wholesale and retail price for the default currency only. If you are using multiple currencies in ApparelMagic, please review this with your Integration Manager. Additional levels of pricing can be supported through customer-level discounts or price sheets ("price groups" in ApparelMagic). 

Pricing per size is supported.  

Sync parameters: Your NuORDER sync will include all "active" products from ApparelMagic by default. NuORDER can introduce custom filtering criteria if desired and present within your ApparelMagic Cloud data. Other workarounds are to have products default to disabled (under management settings). Brand user will manually enable products. 

Sync frequency: Product updates will be automatically synced hourly



Requirements to sync products:

  • UPCs are required. If an item or size in ApparelMagic does not have a UPC, it will not be synced to NuORDER.
  • Product Type = P (i.e. components will not be synced)

"Attribute 3" / Key Identifiers: In NuORDER, the key identifiers for a unique product are Season + Style Number + ColorCode. In ApparelMagic, you also have "Attribute 3". If you are using Attribute 3, we will concatenate this into one of your key fields (usually Style Number or Color) to ensure unique records. 

Materials do not sync, only "styles".

Default Price=wholesale and EDI Retail=Retail

Multiple currencies are not officially supported. If you sell in multiple currencies, you will need to utilize price groups in Apparel Magic to adjust the pricing for different customers. This will require customization that is an additional fee to support.

Multiple currencies are not supported. If you sell in multiple currencies, you will need to utilize price sheets ("price groups" in ApparelMagic) to adjust the pricing for different customers.

Availability Dates are not included in the product data integration at this time. You can manage these directly in NuORDER if needed.

Archiving/disabling products: This is not included in the product data integration at this time and will be managed directly in NuORDER. 

Please note,  if you are changing the style number or colorcode in AMC, it will try to create a new record in NuORDER. Manual archival is required of the old style.

Color descriptions are set up in Dictionaries or Color Codes which can be synced to the NuORDER color field. Review customization scripts to use the correct script.


What's supported: Customers


Creating & updating customers: Our system will be able to identify which customers are new and which already exist in our system.

Multiple billing & shipping addresses are supported.

Sync parameters: Your NuORDER sync will include all "active" customers from ApparelMagic.

Sync frequency: Customer updates will be automatically synced hourly.



Buyer data (name, email address, sales rep assignment) is not included in the customer data interface and must be managed directly within the NuORDER app.

Customer sync is mono-directional from ApparelMagic Cloud to NuORDER. Your customers must originate in ApparelMagic Cloud and be synced to NuORDER with all the necessary account codes. (This is how ApparelMagic Cloud will recognize the customer when the order is synced back in.) Bi-directional syncing for customers is on our product roadmap for future development.

Process for New Customers: When working with a new customer in NuORDER, you will need to save the order as a DRAFT. Your team will need to add the new customer record into ApparelMagic first. The customer will be sent into NuORDER on the next run. Once the customer is visible in NuORDER, the sales rep can open their draft, select the customer, fill in the buyer's name and email address, and submit the official order.

Archiving (deactivating) customers: This is not included in the ApparelMagic interface at this time and must be managed directly in NuORDER.

We can sync by division which is useful if you have both your B2C and B2B accounts in AMC.

Tax rate can be synced from company record with a customization script that will require additional fees.


What's supported: Inventory


Immediate quantities: You will specify which AMC attribute we should pull from for Available to Sell NuORDER inventory:  either the "Available to Sell" or "Available to Allocate" bucket in ApparelMagic.

Warehouses: Multiple warehouses are supported. 

  • Make sure your warehouses are defined and populated with stock in ApparelMagic prior to starting the NuORDER integration.
  • You will also need to set up the warehouses in NuORDER prior to uploading your data. (Go to Admin > Brand Settings.)

WIP (work in progress) inventory is supported.  We will pull product data from the Purchase Order AMC entity.

Prebook Inventory.   If you would like prebook inventory assigned to a product; our solution is for a custom Product field be created on AMC "Prebook" that is flagged when the Product is a prebook item.

Sync frequency: Inventory updates will be automatically synced hourly



All products that are syncing will sync inventory. If there is not quantities available (i.e. prebooking), zeroes will sync to NuORDER.

Prebooking: For items that should have unlimited quantity available in NuORDER, you could also control this directly in NuORDER via the Admin section. Rules can be based on any product attributes, and you will have direct access to control and update the rules as needed. 


What's supported: Images

Images: Images associated with each product will be synced to NuORDER.

Image Sequence: NuORDER will apply the sequence of images based on how we initially receive the data from ApparelMagic.


Image Sequence changes:  The Image sequence remains static once NuORDER processes an image file.  If the brand decides to change the sequence of images on AMC, they should first delete the images tied to a product on AMC; and then re-add images in the new Sequence.  This activity will then force the NuORDER integration to use the new/revised AMC sequence.


What's supported: Orders


Sync parameters: NuORDER will sync "Approved" orders only.

Sync frequency: Orders will be automatically synced every 5 minutes to ApparelMagic.

Order fulfillment process: Orders will be synced into "Pending" status in ApparelMagic. Your team will take it from there per your normal approval / fulfillment process.



Order Sync Failures: When we send the orders to ApparelMagic, we provide the  ApparelMagic customer code as well as the product UPCs. If any of these values are not recognized in ApparelMagic (e.g. if there was a typo, or the record has been altered in the ERP), the order will fail to import. If this happens, you will need to review the order and resolve the issue.

Editing or Canceling orders: After the order has been imported into ApparelMagic, any further changes must be done directly in ApparelMagic.  

Only one AR account can be used to sync back orders.

Syncing sales reps on orders: sales rep name in admin-->manage brand user must match one found under Settings > Dictionaries > Salespeople for commission rates to sync


What's supported: Orders incoming

Sync Parameters: NuORDER will pull down any new/modified AMC Orders that have been modified within a specific time period and either update existing orders or create a new order (based on what is in scope for the integration). 

Sync Frequency: Orders will be automatically synced every 1 hour with ApparelMagic.


Syncing Sales Orders: If the AMC Order ID matches the NuORDER External ID, we will make any corresponding Edits/Updates to the NuORDER Sales Order.  If the AMC Order ID does not find a match with the NuORDER Sales Order External ID - we would create the sales order as a NEW order within NuORDER (If Orders New is in scope for the projects).


What's supported: Order shipments


Sync Parameters: You must utilize AMC Pick Tickets for NuORDER to pull in Shipment Details.    NuORDER will pull down any new/modified AMC Pick Ticket details and update our Sales Orders to reflect the Quantities Shipped, Carrier and Tracking details.   A tracking number is also required for us to apply shipment details within NuORDER. 

Sync Frequency: Shipments will be automatically synced every 1 hour with ApparelMagic.

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