Add external links in product data

You can include links on products to external websites.

We recommend including external links in product custom fields. To add a custom field or to have your custom field visible in the product details section, contact our Support team. They can also ensure the field is configured to display links.

Update product data

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data and Download your data.

Download your data.

Within the downloaded file, update a custom field to include the external link, using the below code template:

<a href='' target=_blank>Name of website or title</a>

When using this code, ensure that the website link begins with either https:// or http://. In the Name of website or Title section of the code, include the text you want displayed as the link.

See how this example code appears and works as a link:

<a href='' target=_blank>Hooray for NuORDER</a>

Output: Hooray for NuORDER

Save and upload

After adding the external link to your product data, save the file. In NuORDER, return to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data and drag you saved file to the Drag File Here box. 

Using the above example, the link takes you to and looks like the below in NuORDER:

Example link on product data in NuORDER.

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