Product data overview

The Product Data template holds all the information related to the items you're selling in NuORDER and it's arguably the most important set of information you provide to NuORDER. 

Use this template to control availability, establish filtering of products, and indicators for reporting.

Note: See our Product data FAQ for answers to common questions.

Template download

It's recommended that you update your Product data using templates from: Settings Brand Admin > Data > Product Data. The templates within NuORDER include custom fields specific to your brand portal.

If you're just getting started, review a basic template without custom fields at Download: Product Data Template.

Product Data Template.

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Key concepts and best practices

Take your time and carefully review your Product Data spreadsheet. A few extra minutes to double-check your entries can save you a lot of time and energy later on. You don't want your customers to see incorrect information.

Keep this information in mind when updating your Product Data:

  • Download your data from NuORDER and update this exported file. This way you can ensure that you don't create duplicate records.
  • Download your data in XLS format, instead of CSV. This prevents leading zeroes from being dropped and UPCs being converted to scientific notation by Excel. If you do need export your file as CSV, follow the steps in How to best access a CSV file in Excel.
  • Work from a copy of the exported file. This way if you make a mistake in your edits, you can start fresh with a clean copy.
  • Don't delete columns from your exported file to ensure no data gets wiped accidentally.
  • Be careful not to have duplicate styles.
  • Nearly all of the columns can be set as filters or as searchable content within NuORDER.
  • Make it easier for your customer by being as consistent as possible. For example, always use the same Season name: don't switch from SPRING 12 to SPR12 in different uploads.
  • For a single product, when there are multiple rows of data, information must be the same in all columns, with the exception of Size.
  • Don't change the Season, Style Number, or Color unless you are also including the _id field.
  • Only the Description field allows for simple HTML code, such as <br> line breaks. All other text fields (Division, Composition, etc.) don't allow HTML code and displays those tags as text. 
  • Every SKU should have its own line in the Product Data.
  • Size breakdowns for a product will display in the order you list them.

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What to avoid

When uploading Product Data to create or edit products, avoid the following:

  • Leaving mandatory fields blank.
  • Changing header names.
  • Using a dollar sign in the pricing fields.
  • Adding a blank row as a divider.
  • Using a double quote to denote inches. Instead of 12", enter 12 in.
  • Using scientific notations.
  • Using double spaces.
  • Using special characters (* ¨ é ø π ≈ ç ´ º ).

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NuORDER only imports a file in its entirety. If any part of your data has an error, nothing from the file will be saved. If you experience repeated errors with the same row in your product spreadsheet, try removing that row and then uploading it again.

For example, let's say you keep receiving error messages on row 5 of your file. You have 100 rows total and the others are fine. Delete row 5 from your file, save it, close it, and try uploading it again. Your 99 correct products will upload and you can always go back and manually create that one product later.

To create a product manually, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Product Catalog Settings > Product Gallery. Select New Product from the upper-right corner.

Product Gallery in Brand Admin.

Enter your product information and then select Save Product.

New Product information.

Reminder: See our Product data FAQ for answers to common questions.

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