Export product data

You can export Product Data for the products you select in the Product Gallery. Admins can also export Product Data from Brand Admin.

Product gallery

From the Product Gallery, use the provided checkmarks to select the products you'd like to export. Using the kebab menu icon in the upper-right corner, select Export.

Tips: As you look through products, use the Search field and Filters to narrow your results. You can also use the option in the upper-middle of the screen to Select All that meet your search and filter criteria.

Export products from the Product Gallery.

Choose your preferred file format and view, and then select Export to complete your download.

Select a file format and view.

Follow the provided prompts to finalize your export, which includes NuORDER opening a new tab for your download file.

Finalize the download.

Brand admin

Admins can also export Product Data by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data. Select an export option with Download Your Data in the title.

Learn more with the enclosed video.

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