How to find my Sales Rep

For product questions, order delivery questions, invoice questions, address updates and more, your Sales Rep is the best person to contact. How do you find your Sales Rep?

Follow the below instructions to find your assigned sales rep for each brand you buy with.


The New Contact View

 1. Go to the Contacts section of the brand portal and find your Company Name > click your name


2. Scroll down to where it says Buyer's Sales Reps > this is your Sales Rep Contact.



The Old Contact View

1. Go to the Contacts section of the brand portal and click on the Companies tab. Search for your company name. 


2. Select the Buyers drop down menu.



3. Click on your name under the Buyers drop-down menu.

4. Click on the Sales Reps drop-down menu.


5. Here you will see your Sales Rep's contact information.

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