Bulk actions in Mobile 4.0

Enable Multi-selection in Mobile 4.0 to complete bulk actions (change delivery dates, duplicate items, apply size run, and remove items from your cart).

Enable multi-selection

Tap the kebab menu in the upper-right corner and choose Enable Multi-selection.

Enable Multi-selection.

In Multi-selection mode, select multiple items or choose to Select All.

Select products.    Select all.

After selecting products, tap the kebab menu in the upper-right corner and choose to Change Delivery Dates, Duplicate Items, Apply Size Run, or Remove Items from Cart.

Choose a bulk action.

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Change delivery dates

After choosing Change Delivery Dates, select the Delivery Window date range, and then tap Save Changes. We'll show you the success rate of this request (example: Updated 8 out of 12 items).

Change delivery dates.

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Duplicate items

Duplicated items are added to your cart and display at the bottom of the list. You'll be navigated to the first of the newly duplicated products.

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Apply size run

After choosing Apply Size Run, items with the exact size run are grouped together.

For example, if Product A and Product B have sizes XS, S, M, L, while Product C has sizes S, M, L, then Product A and B will be grouped together and Product C will be in its own section.

Apply size run.

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Remove items from cart

If you choose to Remove Items from Cart, you'll receive an alert to confirm this action. After selecting Remove, those selected products will be removed from your cart.

Remove items from cart.

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