Mobile orders

Use NuORDER's Mobile 4.0 to add items to your cart and place orders.

Add items to your cart

Add items to your cart from the Product Gallery, Product Details, or the expanded image view. To get started, from the main menu, select Products

Products from the main menu.

Add products to your cart:

  • In the Product Gallery, tab a product's cart icon to add it to your order.
  • Select a product to review the Product Details, enter quantities, and then tap Add to Cart.
  • Use the Expanded images option.image view icon to scroll through expanded images and then select the cart icon to add a product to your order.

The number of items in your cart displays in the top-right corner.

Product Gallery   Product Details.   Expanded product images.

Place an order

To begin the process of placing an order, tap the cart icon in the upper-right corner.

Cart icon.

In the Edit Order Info screen, select the Company, Buyer, and Sales Rep. You can also enter other information, such as Customer PO, notes, address, discount, surcharge, order type, order tags, and external ID.

Edit Order Info button.   Edit Order Info screen.

Within the cart, tap the arrow beneath each product to enter or edit quantities by size and delivery. Tap the Delivery field to adjust the dates and either enter a number for each size or tap the + and - icons to adjust the quantities.

Select the All menu at the bottom of the order to adjust the grouping display.

Note: Tap the ellipsis icon menu to the right of each product for additional actions.

Cart.   Add quanitities and delivery windows.   Adjust the Group by selection.

If you're not ready to place the order, tap the disk icon in the top right corner to save it. You can also tap the kabob menu in the upper-right corner for additional actions for your order.

Note: Learn more about scanning products for an order with Barcodes.

Save an order or complete another action.

To place the order, tap Review Order to do a final check on the totals for each delivery and then select Checkout. Have the buyer use the touch screen to enter their signature and then select Submit Order to place the order.

Review order.   Checkout.   Enter a signature and submit the order.

Manage orders

Any orders that are viewable and editable on the web are also viewable and editable on mobile.

From the main menu, go to Orders to view all of your orders and their statuses.

Main Menu.   Orders.

Tap the ellipsis icon to the right of an order to see other actions (examples: approve, cancel, re-order, etc.). Tap an order to view the order details.

Additional actions.  Order details.

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