Mobile 4.0 overview

Leverage key sales and ordering tools on the go with NuORDER's Mobile 4.0. The native iOS app works on both iPads and iPhones, and offers an optional offline mode.

Video tutorial

Watch the below Mobile 4.0 video tutorial and review the information provided in this article to start running with the NuORDER app. We also offer a Mobile 4.0 FAQ.

Note: Some visuals in the platform may have changed since the recording of this webinar.

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The NuORDER app requires iOS 15 or above for iPhones and iPads. iPad versions capable of running iOS 15 are listed here, but this list doesn't include the very earliest iPad versions.

As with the web app, all content and permissions are tied to the user login. Even if two different users log in to the same device, they will only see their own specific content.

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Installation and updates

To install the NuORDER application:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Search for NuORDER 4.0.
  3. Tap Get to install the app.
  4. Log in using your NuORDER credentials.

Note: Previous versions (NuORDER 2.0 and NuORDER 3.0) are no longer supported or available for download.

Mobile 4.0 on iPhone. Mobile 4.0 on iPad.

Return to the Apple App Store to manually update to the latest version of NuORDER 4.0. If you'd rather get the latest updates automatically:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings > App Store.
  2. Under Automatic Downloads, turn on App Updates.

After you turn on Automatic Downloads for App Updates new versions of apps that you currently have on your device automatically download when they're available.

Note: You can also turn on or off Automatic Downloads over Cellular Data.


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Get started

The first time you log in, make sure you're online. After this first time, NuORDER works offline as well.

If this is a shared device, the various user sessions are listed below the login information. Tap a user to automatically fill in the email address. Users with the red sync badge have pending syncs from when they were using the app offline. Check out Mobile 4.0 sync center to learn more about syncing changes you made while offline. 

After signing in using your NuORDER credentials, select one of your brands. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner to open the main menu, where you can access products, linesheets, custom lists, orders, companies, buyers, and more. To switch brands, tap the Current Brand to select another. You can also Log out from the main menu.

Login. Main Menu.

If you're online, the app constantly syncs, pulling in the most recent data. When you're online, you can force a refresh from any page by pulling down and holding on the screen. When you see the spinner wheel, let go. If you're offline, go to Offline Setup (from the main menu) and tap Check for Updates Now to download fresh data onto your device.

Refresh. Offline Setup.

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Browse products

Similar to the web app, the mobile app features a Products gallery where you can search, filter, and sort the full product collection.

Product gallery. Filters. Sort.

Use the options in the upper-right corner to adjust the Product view.

  • Option 1 icon. The first option displays one product image at a time. You can also double tap a product image to access this display.
  • Option 2 icon. Use the second option to select products and complete bulk actions.
  • Option 3 icon. Toggle through the third options for different displays.
Full screen product image. Alternate view example 1. Alternate view example 2.

If you're using the app on an iPad, you can review products in a Split Pane view by going to the main menu, selecting Settings and toggling on Split Pane in Product Gallery on iPad.

Split Pane.

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View product details

Tap an item to view product details and images, including hi-res, full-screen zoom.

Product image 1. Product image 2. Product image 3.

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Enter quantities and add to cart

From the product details view, select a delivery window, add quantities (using keyboard or tap +/-) to add products to cart. You can also use the Quick Add cart icon from the product gallery page.

Note: If the brand offers Promotions and your order qualifies, the applied Promotion will be listed. 

Add product to cart 1. Add product to cart 2. Add product to cart 3.

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Active list, active cart, and bulk actions

All areas include multi-select and bulk actions to add items to the cart or to a list.

The Active List and Active Cart icons in the upper-right keep track of how many items they contain, while the Quick Add icons show which items are in the active list (star) or in the cart.

Actions 1. Actions 2. Actions 3.

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Browse linesheets

From the main menu and tap Linesheets. Similar to the web experience, you can view linesheets and take the same actions available based on the user's role and permissions. While most brands prepare their linesheets and catalogs using the web tools, you can also make edits and merchandize on mobile (if you have permission).

To access actions (within a linesheet), tap the kebab menu from the upper-right corner:

  • Make Active List: Add products directly to the active list (accessible from the icon to the left of the cart in the upper-right corner).
  • Send Linesheet: Send this linesheet with options to Send as EZ Order, Include PDF, and Include XLSX.
  • Add All Items to Cart: Add products to your Working Order.
  • Organize Items: After selecting this option, you can drag and drop products to reorder them.
  • Edit Linesheet Info: Update the Title, Description, Delivery Window, and toggle on/off Pre-book.
  • Delete Linesheet: Delete the linesheet.
Linesheet 1. Linesheet 2. Linesheet 3.

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Save and share custom lists

Select Custom Lists from the main menu to view your saved lists, send the list to your customers, convert it into an order, and more. Select a list, and then tap the kebab menu in the upper-right corner to access actions:

  • Change Active List: Add products directly to the active list (accessible from the icon to the left of the cart in the upper-right corner).
  • Unset as Active List: Deselect a list as the active list.
  • Send Custom List: Send this list with options to Send as EZ Order, Include PDF, and Include XLSX.
  • Add All Items to Cart: Add products to your Working Order.
  • Organize Items: After selecting this option, you can drag and drop products in a list to reorder them.
  • Edit Custom List Info: Update the Title, Description, Delivery Window, and toggle on/off Pre-book.
  • Delete Custom List: Delete the list.  
Custom List 1. Custom List 2. Custom List 3.

To create or add to a Custom List, go to the Product Gallery and select the star icon for a product. When prompted, select an existing list, an existing linesheet (if enabled), or create a new list (by using the plus icon in the upper-right corner). If you're creating a list, enter the Title and the Description (optional), and then tap Save.

Custom List 4. Custom List 5. Custom List 6.

You can also create a list by selecting Custom List from the main menu and tapping the kebab menu in the upper-right corner.

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Submit orders

When you're ready to complete your order, tap the cart icon in the upper-right corner.

Tap the line item cell or its arrow icon to view item details and adjust order quantities.

Edit Order Info pulls up all the header fields, including customer details and shipping/billing, Customer PO, notes, etc. 

Submit order 1. Submit order 2. Submit order 3.

If you have multiple delivery windows within an order, tap All (at the bottom of the screen) to view your order by one of the delivery windows.

Submit order 4. Submit order 5.  

You can complete bulk actions in your cart by selecting kebab menu in the upper-right corner and choosing Enable Multi-selection. Select one or more products (or Select All in the upper-left corner), and then select the kebab menu in the upper-right corner to:

  • Change Delivery Dates: The app alerts you as it makes updates.
  • Duplicate Items: Duplicated items appear at the bottom of the order.
  • Apply Size Run: Items with the exact same size run are grouped together.
  • Remove Items from Cart: With the displayed pop-up, confirm that you want to remove items.

Note: Learn more with Bulk actions in Mobile 4.0.


Tap the disk icon at any point to save as a Draft. Select Checkout to submit an order.

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Capture signatures

With the touch screen, you can capture the buyer's signature. Captured signatures display on the order confirmation PDF.

Capture signature. Checkout with signature.

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Review and manage orders

All users can view their orders from any status, including drafts. You have all the same filter & search options as on the web, and order actions according to your user permissions.

Orders 1. Orders 2. Orders 3.

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Barcode scanning

Barcode Scan Mode lets you quickly add items to your active cart by scanning the UPC or other barcode.

You can use your device's camera or a bluetooth scanner.

This feature is a favorite at trade shows, helping many brands shorten appointment times and see more customers in a day, as well as increasing the number of SKUs per order.

Note: Learn more about scanning products for an order with Barcodes.

Scanning 1. Scanning 2.  

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Manage customer contacts

View your contacts by selecting Companies or Buyers from the main menu. 

  • Companies: Search for companies by company details or by buyer(s) associated with that company. You can also search by city, state, or postal code. Within a company contact card, you can see a list of all buyers, as well as orders.
  • Buyers: Search for buyers by buyer details or by company name. Within a buyer contact card, you can see a list of orders.

Tap the kebab icon in the upper-right corner to add a company or buyer contact.

Companies. Add contact. Add new buyer.

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You can send lists and linesheets from the mobile app as a campaign (including EZ Order), and view activity for previous campaigns.

Campaigns 1. Campaigns 2.  

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Offline mode

When you work online, NuORDER Mobile instantly syncs with the web, so both platforms always have the most up-to-date changes.

When cellular or wifi internet access is not available, NuORDER Mobile gives you the ability to work offline and sync later, when you're able to reconnect.

For the best offline experience, use Offline Setup to download your brand data onto your device. We strongly recommend downloading your data over a reliable WiFi connection.

Offline Setup.

Toggle on Brand Data and Product Images to start the download. If you toggle on High Resolution Images, the download can take a while, so plan accordingly. Also keep in mind that preloading all of your portal information may take a lot of storage, so check if your device has enough memory first.

Offline setup 1. Offline setup 2. Online setup 3.

When working in offline mode, turn on airplane mode for your device. You know you're working offline when the Showing offline results header appears. When you're back online, select Retry Online to reconnect and refresh the page.


When using an iPad, you can also check your online status with the radio signal icon in the upper-right corner.

As you work offline, your orders, linesheets, contacts, and other actions are saved to your local device. When you have connection again, these updates will sync and you will be able to see all changes reflected on the web platform.

Go to the Sync Center to review sync progress, correct any items with sync errors, and view sync history.

Sync 1. Sync 2.  

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Additional resources

Want to learn more? Check out our Mobile 4.0 FAQ. Also, if you run into an issue, send the Support team a debug file.

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