Send debug files to troubleshoot Mobile 4.0

If you're experiencing an issue with the NuORDER Mobile 4.0 app (iPad or iPhone) and need assistance, follow the below steps to send debug files, so our Support team can assist you.

Obtain debug information

When logged in, tap the main menu icon in the upper-left corner and then scroll down to select the Send Debug Information link.

Send Debug Information link.

If you're not logged in, tap the gear icon in the lower-right of the screen and select Send Debug File.

Gear icon. Send Debug File.

Send debug information

Select Proceed to start pulling the debug information.

Proceed to next steps.

Wait for your data to upload. Depending on your portal, the file may be large, so we recommend sending it over WiFi and not cellular data.

Sending Debug Information.

After the data uploads, include notes or details about the issue in the email, then tap Send and a NuORDER team member will respond to you shortly.

Update your email with notes for the NuORDER Support team.

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