Setting up Order Form / Order Export Template

In order to set up a custom order form / export template, go to Brand Admin ,and select Order Export in Settings. If you do not see this option in settings, contact NuOrder at



By default, there are 5 standard templates listed in Order Export Templates:

  • Horizontal XLS w/ Size & Qty Headers (images) - default
  • Horizontal XLS w/ Size Headers (images)
  • Vertical XLS (Images)
  • Vertical XLS w/ Delivery Windows (Image)
  • UPC/Size - displays if UPC is a size level field in brand portal

When creating a custom order template, select from these 3 options below. 


Select a specific way to identify your products when you import the file. The best practice here is to use the "Style number, Season, Color" option, because this creates more of a unique combination. Another great option is the "UPC" field as well, if your brand has UPC uploaded. 



In the excel file, you may also choose the number of columns to freeze from the export. If you don't want to freeze any columns, then you may just leave this field blank. Toggle on "Include Inventory" if you would like to also include inventory units on the order form. 


When creating a new Order Form template, you have the ability to add as many fields and manually merchandise these fields in the order that is the most efficient for you and your reps!


Next, you will have the "Summary Options" section. It is not required to have this section be completed. However, if you do wish to add some fields here, then they will appear on the 2nd tab of the order form. This is helpful as a reference to which customer the order is going to.


Last section on the 2nd tab will be the "Rollup" fields. This is like the allocation summary report of the order. You will be limited to add up to 2 fields here. 




Once you are ready to make your order form live, then simply turn on "ACTIVE" on the top of your order form template. 

For information on how users will upload their spreadsheets directly into the Working Order/Cart, click here or reach out to your Account Manager or a NuORDER hero at



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