Linesheet and Custom List delivery windows

Set delivery windows on Linesheets and Custom Lists to align with how you sell. When you add products to an order from a Linesheet or Custom List with set delivery dates, those delivery windows carry over into the order.

Set delivery windows

From the left navigation menu, go to Linesheets (aka Catalogs) or Custom Lists. Choose a Linesheet or Custom List and then select the pencil icon. If you don't have editing permission, contact your brand admin.

Note: You can also set delivery windows when you're creating a Linesheet or Custom List.

Select the pencil icon.

In the Delivery field, select None or Choose Date Range to specify the delivery window. You can apply this to Only prebook products and make the list or linesheet Visible after delivery dates. To save any updates, select Done.

Note: Products that aren't available during the select dates will not be visible to buyers.

Set delivery dates.

Download and send

When you download the Linesheet or Custom List, you can choose to Display catalog delivery with cover image.

Download option.

When you send a Linesheet or Custom List, the delivery window displays as a reminder and can't be changed from the Send screen. To make updates, return to the Edit screen.

Send reminder.

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