Linesheets and custom lists FAQ

Q: Can I include an image to represent a Linesheet or Custom List?

A: Yes and it's a best practice to include this image because buyers want to quickly see what types of products are offered in each linesheet (example below) and custom list.

  1. Go to a linesheet or custom list and select the pencil icon to edit its settings.
  2. In the Catalog Portrait Image section, upload a file with these requirements:
  • Size: 240px x 240px (minimum).
  • File format: JPG, JPEG, or PNG.
  1. Select Done.
Catalog Portrait Image.


Q: How do I change the order of items in a linesheet or list?

Select and drag items to reorder them. You can move items between sections as well as add in separators.

Reorder products.

Q: Can more than one user edit a linesheet at the same time?

A: More than one user can edit a linesheet; however, we don't recommend two users working on a linesheet at the exact same time. Confusion and inaccurate information can happen when multiple users make changes simultaneously. We recommend each user make changes at separate times.

Q: I can’t find the product(s) I’m looking for within the product gallery, linesheet, or custom list. Can I adjust the search?

A: Yes. If you’re not finding the product(s) you’re looking for, select the searchFilterIcon.png filters icon to the right of the Search Products field and apply the Expanded search.

  • Standard (default): Displays results that contain terms starting with the entered search criteria. For example, enter “bow” to locate matches with the terms “bow” or “bowtie.”
  • Expanded (slower): Displays results that contain terms appearing in any part of the entered search criteria. For example, enter “tie” to locate matches with the terms “tie” or “bowtie.”

Note: Closing your browser resets your search type to Standard.

Search setting.

Q: Are more than 3 lines of description allowed on a linesheet?

A: Yes. As best practices:

  • Create a Custom Template and include the Description field.
  • When populating the Description field, keep it short and simple.
  • If you have a lot of information in your Description field, then consider including fewer fields in your Custom Template. The less fields there are in your template, the higher chance that all of the Description content will appear in your PDF file.
  • We recommend using the 5 Products layout template, which gives you more space to display your product information.
  • Linesheet PDF files wrap text. If you have a lot of product information for an item, then some of the data might not display.

Q: When exporting a custom list as an XLSX and selecting ATS report, is there a max amount of lines allowed?

A: Yes. The limit is 10,000 products. If you have more than 10,000 products in your Custom List, we recommend creating an additional custom list to narrow down your merchandise display. A quick way to this is cloning the list and then making edits.

Download ATS Report from XLS Template.

Q: When users go to Linesheets, they're directed to the Homepage. How do I manage this setting?

A: Go to Settings > Sites Manager and select Homepage from the My Sites tab. From the My Pages section, edit the page flagged with Homepage. Select the i icon in the upper-right corner to turn on/off the Linesheet toggle. When turned on, users are directed to this homepage when they select Linesheets from the left navigation menu. When turned off, they're directed to the Linesheets landing page.

Linesheet option on homepage.

Q: How do I download a Linesheet or Custom List?

A: From the Linesheet or Custom List, select Download in the upper-right corner. Choose the file format, template, and other settings, and then select Download.


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