Manage brand users

Users can edit their own name, email address, and password. Admins can create brand users and make all other edits to existing users (examples: user role, Subteam, Warehouse, and more).

Create users

From the left navigation menu go to Settings > Brand Admin > Users > Manage Brand Users. Select Add New User from the upper-right corner of the Manage Users screen.


Enter the new users's information. When you're done, select Save New User.

  • Enter the user's Name and Email address.
  • Select their Role: admin, manager, or rep.
  • Choose a Subteam or keep the default.
  • Use the dropdown to select the user's Currency.
  • Specify the user's Warehouse.
  • Optional: You can enter additional information, including Employee Code, User Groups, Pricing Template, Title, and Contact Information.
  • Optional: If you're replacing a preexisting user with this new user, you can transfer their accounts by changing the Replace User toggle to Yes and selecting the user with the accounts. This reassigns the new rep to all the buyers assigned to the former rep. If you wish to remove the user you transferred the accounts from, finish setting up this new user and then delete the old user.

Note: The New Product Page Experience is selected for new users by default. Users can adjust this view by editing their profile.

Create and save new user.

Edit and delete users

Users can edit their own name, email address, views (for products and contacts), and password. Admins can make all other edits to existing users (examples: user role, Subteam, Warehouse, and more) by returning to Settings > Brand Admin > Users > Manage Brand Users

Look through the list of users to find the one you want to edit or delete. Select the pencil icon for that user (on the far right, directly next to the user's Currency).


In the Edit user screen, make adjustments and then select Save Changes.

Before you delete a brand user, consider reassigning their accounts to a new rep. If you don't reassign the accounts prior to deleting the user, you'll have to reassign the buyers to a new rep prior to any orders being placed for that buyer. When you're ready, select Delete User.

Save changes or delete user.

Reassign users

If you need to create a new user for the person receiving the accounts, then complete the steps outlined in Create users, including the optional step for reassigning accounts to the new user.

If the user receiving the accounts already exists, then select Reassign Reps from the upper-right corner.


Within the Reassign a Sales Rep window, use the From field to choose the rep with the accounts you wish to reassign and use the To field to choose the rep that will receive the accounts. Select Save Changes.

Select a user.

When asked to confirm, select Yes. If you wish to remove the user you transferred the accounts from, then follow the steps outlined in Edit and delete users.


Q: Why can't I add a new brand user?

A: If you’ve run out of user seats for your portal, but need to add additional users, reach out to your account manager to discuss purchasing additional seats.

Q: If a sales rep is deleted and then re-added, will their old account still exist?

A: Yes. If a sales rep is removed from NuORDER, and then added back at a later time with the same email address, their old orders will still be assigned to them.

Q: When I add a user, a pop-up indicated "This user already exists in the system as a BUYER account." What do I do?

A: If possible, use an alternative email for the user. Otherwise, ask the user to edit their Buyer account and change the email. Note: An email can only have 1 role assigned to it. For example, it can only be a Buyer or an Admin, not both.

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