Subteams overview and FAQ

If your company has various sales teams, and you don’t want members of one team to see the other team's orders or be able to report on their sales numbers, you can set up different Subteams for each team. 

Note: You can also use Customer and User Groups to restrict brand user visibility. 


Subteams are assigned on the brand rep level and allow you to organize your sales reps into their selling divisions. Subteams also establish visibility control over who can see accounts and orders.

Example: If a Subteam includes 3 sales reps, then these 3 sales reps can only view each other's accounts and orders within their assigned Subteam.

You can set up as many Subteams as you like to fit your needs and for the amount of rep groups you have for your brand. Review the details in this article and watch the below video to learn about Subteams.

Create a subteam

From the left navigation menu, go to Brand Admin > Settings > Brand Settings and then scroll to the Subteams section. Select Add Subteam.  

Add Subteam.

A new field displays below the corporate (default) Subteam.

Add a Subteam name and Emails.

Fill in a Subteam name in the provided field, and then add users in the Emails field.

Note: After typing an email address, press the Enter (or return) key to add that email to the list.

Press Enter or Return after adding each email.

Save your new Subteam(s) by selecting Update Settings in the upper-right corner of the Brand Settings page.

Assign brand users to a subteam 

After creating the Subteam, assign brand users. From the left navigation menu, go to Brand Admin > Users > Manage Brand Users. Select the pencil icon on a brand user account to make edits. 

Edit a user with the pencil icon.

Use the Subteam dropdown to assign the brand user to the new Subteam. Select Save Changes.

Select a Subteam for the user.

Visibility control

For specific rules/visibility permissions around Subteams, please reach out to your account manager or our NuORDER Support team. NuORDER can turn on/off permission settings for your brand users (admins, sales managers, sales reps) related to Orders, Companies, and Campaigns.

  • Orders: The ability to see the Subteam's orders.
  • Companies: The ability to view all companies and buyers associated with the Subteam.
  • Campaigns: Brand user can only see their campaigns and those made by other users on their Subteam.


Q: If a brand user is added to a new Subteam and View Subteam Orders is turned on, will that user's past orders pull in as a part of those Subteam orders, even though the Subteam was created after the order was placed?

A: No, as Subteams are assigned at the time the order is placed or edited. For example, if a sales rep is added to a new Subteam, they can only see the orders placed after the creation of that Subteam.

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