How to initiate a refund

From the left navigation menu, go to Orders and select the Payments icon ($) for the order.

Payments icon.

Select Refund next to the payment you wish to refund. Below the Refund link is the last day a refund can be issued. This date is based on when the payment was made. You have 180 days after the payment date to issue a refund.

If you don’t see a date (and you would like to add this rule) or if you would like to adjust the number of days within which a refund can be issued following a payment, contact Support.

Issued refunds appear within the associated Payment.


Enter the Refund Amount:

  • The minimum amount you can refund is $1.00.
  • The maximum amount you can refund is the amount of the original charge.

After entering the amount, select Apply Refund.

Refund amount.

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