Standard and custom PDF templates

NuORDER offers a diverse set of Standard PDF Templates for you to choose from as well as Custom Template options. 

Download a template

To export a template, go to a Linesheet or Custom List, select Download, use the PDF file format to choose a standard or custom template, and then download it. PDF templates appear in the following order: One image per product, Two images per product, and then custom templates.

Download a PDF template.

If offered by the brand, select additional options, such show Total Inventory, Barcode, or Include product banners. If you choose to show Inventory by size, note these display formats:

Format Inventory by size display
16 Products Displays only immediate inventory.
5 Products Displays immediate and future inventory separately, labeled by inventory arrival date.
4 Products Displays a combined total (immediate + future) for each size.
2 Products Displays only immediate inventory.

Download a PDF with product banners.

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Standard template

All standard templates contain the same product data fields:

  • Style name
  • Style number
  • Season
  • Price
  • M.S.R.P
  • Sizes
  • Color

Some templates also include immediate inventory or a color card as the final page of the PDF. To use templates with color cards, you must also use color swatches.

Our standard templates are divided between one or two images per product. One image per product templates display the main product image only and the Two images per product templates display the first (main) and second product images.

One image per product Two images per product
  • 16 Products - Landscape
  • 16 Products - Landscape, with Color Card
  • 4 Products - Landscape, with Inventory
  • 4 Products – Landscape
  • 5 Products – Landscape
  • 5 Products - Landscape with Inventory
  • 5 Products - Landscape with Color Swatch
  • 5 Products - Landscape with Color Swatch & Inventory
  • 4 Products - Portrait
  • 8 Products - Landscape
  • 2 Products - Landscape
  • 2 Products - Landscape, with Inventory

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Custom template

Admins can create custom templates. Create templates when you want to display more than what the standard templates offer (for example: barcodes).

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Product Catalog Settings > Manage Linesheets. Use the Custom Templates tab to make edits or go to the Create New Templates tab to build a new one.

Edit or create a new template.

Choose a template from these available options:

16 products per page 5 products per page 4 products per page 1 product per page
  • 1 image per product.
  • Up to 8 product data fields.
  • With color swatch support.

Note: This template doesn't support inventory.

  • 1 image per product.
  • Up to 18 product data fields.
  • With color swatch.
  • With inventory.
  • 1 main image per product.
  • 3 supporting thumbnails.
  • Up to 18 product data fields.
  • 1 image per product.
  • Up to 5 product fields.
  • You can set as the default template.

Note: If you'd like to include barcodes, select Barcode for the chosen template.

Barcode selection. Example barcodes.

When you're ready, select Next.

Click and drag product data fields (up to 18) into your template. Rearrange the fields as needed.

Note: If there's not enough space to display all fields in the exported PDF, then the fields towards the end of your list may not display. If this is the case, then reduce the number of included fields or choose a template with less products per page.

Add fields to the template.

Go to the Step 3 - Save tab. Enter a Template Title and Description, and then select Save as Draft or Save & Publish.

Save the template.

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