Carryover Styles

Updating Carryover Styles

If the season, style number, or color can be changed in your system (e.g. a carryover style advances to the newest season), you will need to include an alternate identifier ("brand_id"). This field will be used to identify the unique product, allowing the season, style number, or color to be changed when the products (as identified by this "brand_id" value) are updated over an integration. 

Note: for manual Product Data updates processed from Settings >> Brand Admin >> Data >> Product Data, the NuOrder-generated "_id" field can be used as the identifier for changing the Style Number, Season, or Color values of an existing Product. Simply take a Product Data export from NuOrder, and the _id values for each Product will be included in Column A. For detailed instructions on Exporting the Product Data for a single product or smaller selection of products, click here.

Alternate ID Requirements:

  • Must be unique at the style/color level (not at the size/SKU level)
  • Cannot be changed once it is set

Most brands/ERPs use a concatenation of STYLE-COLOR to generate this field.

Manual override option: All data fields (including key identifiers) can be edited manually within the application by any brand user with an Admin account type.

Filtering by Carryover Styles

To have styles be filterable under more than one season, you will need to use the Seasons (plural) field. This can be populated in your product data upload, or set manually in NuORDER.

To update the list of multiple selling seasons manually:

  1. Go to Admin -> Product Gallery -> Edit.
  2. Find the product you want to modify and click Edit.
  3. Under the Seasons field add the comma-separated list of additional seasons for filtering. 

Products with multiple 'Seasons' values will appear as a Search & Filter result when any one of the comma-separated 'Seasons' values is searched or selected under the 'Seasons' filter.  

If the 'Seasons' filter is not appearing on your portal, or is reflecting the 'Season' (singular) field instead, reach out to our Support team at: to update the available Filters.

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