How to update product details of an existing style

Non-integrated brands

Let's say you want to update a product's style number, color, or season, but the product already exists in the system.  

When you created the product in the system, we added a special field called "_id" to each unique product.  The _id will track the product while you make updates to a product's key identifiers (color, style number, or season) without creating a new product.  

This comes in handy if you need to move a product to a different season, but don't want to create a duplicate product.  

  1. Download your product data from NuORDER in Admin > Data > Product Data. You'll notice that NuORDER has added a column to your product data, called _id. This is the first column on your spreadsheet.
  2. Update the season, style number, color, and/or any other field for the unique products you wish to edit without creating duplicates. DO NOT edit the _id field.
  3. Save your file, and re-upload the product data into the system. 
    Note: Always make sure you're working from the most recent product data download.  

Integrated brands

For integrated brands, we let you (the brand) define your own ID: we call this the Brand ID.

If you use the Brand ID field in your product data, the system will use this ID as an override code to let you update those three key fields. (Most commonly, this comes into play when styles get carried over to a new season.)

How to use the Brand ID

    1. Add a column called Brand ID to your product data.
        • This field should be a code generated by your system.
        • It must be unique for each product (style/color) in your data file. It should not vary per size.
        • It must not change.
        • Most brands use a concatenation of Style + Color Code for this ID.
        • There are no maximum length or character limits for Brand IDs.
    2. Upload your existing product data with the new Brand IDs.
    3. When the Brand IDs are set, you can use your data file to update key fields like Season, Style Number, or Color.

Common upload errors

If you are using the Brand ID field, here’s a common error message to watch out for:

Product ID number __________ contains a duplicate style + season + color.

This means your product data file is attempting to update a product’s season, style number, or color to a combination that already exists in the system.

This can happen if you forgot to set a Brand ID for that product before changing the key fields, or if that version of the product was previously created and then archived. Often times the duplicate version is archived in the system. This happens most frequently with carryover styles.

Solution: Change the key fields on the duplicate.

  1. Locate the duplicate product in the system. This should be the one showing the latest (correct) combination of season + style ID + color. (Ex: locate SPRING / ABC123 / BLACK.)
  2. If this product is archived, un-archive it.
  3. Edit this product in the Admin section.
  4. Change one of the key fields to something that will never be used in real data. For example, add "-X" to the end of the season, style ID, or color. (Ex: SPRING-X / ABC123-X / BLACK-X)
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Archive the product.
  7. Now try uploading your product data again. The system will now be able to update the product FALL / ABC123 / BLACK to SPRING / ABC123 / BLACK without encountering a duplicate.
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