How to cancel products

Admins can cancel individual products in the Admin Product Gallery or in bulk with the Product Data template.

Admin product gallery

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Product Catalog Settings. From the Edit tab, select the pencil icon for the product you want to cancel.

Admin product gallery.

In the Edit screen, select Cancel Product.

Cancel product in Edit screen.

Product data

If you need to cancel several products at once, we suggest doing so through your Product Data template.

From the left navigation menu, go to Brand Admin > Data > Product Data and download your data.

Note: If you download a CSV file, follow the steps in How to best access a CSV file in Excel.

Download your product data.

Within the spreadsheet, update the cancelled column:

  • Cancel: Enter a Y to cancel a product.
  • Don't cancel: Enter a N to keep a product active (not cancelled).

When you're done making changes, save your file.

Product data spreadsheet.

Return to the Product Data page in NuORDER and upload the updated file. Refresh your browser to see these changes.

Additional resources

For information on managing cancelled styles, see Cancelled Styles.

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