Edit your profile

Edit your profile to change your name, email address, language, or password. You can also edit your profile to activate the New Product Page Experience and the New Contacts Page.

Note: Your name and email address represent you to brands and sales reps throughout NuORDER, even if you're attached to more than one brand.

Edit profile

From the left navigation menu, hover your mouse over your initials / name in the lower-left corner and select Edit Profile.

Edit Profile.

As needed, make changes to the fields:

  • Name: You can update your name.
  • Email: If you change this field, check your email and select the provided link to verify the update. This validation email is sent to the newly added email address and the verification link expires in 24 hours. 
  • Locale: Choose your preferred in-app default language.
  • Password: When changing your password, keep in mind the Password Criteria.

You can also use the checkboxes to activate the New Product Page Experience and the New Contacts Page.

  • The New Product Page Experience (default) provides a streamlined Product Details view in the wholesale gallery, including better visualization of Delivery Windows.
  • The New Contacts Pages, which improves visualization of company contact records and their associated Buyers and Address information.

After making your adjustments, select Save.

Change password.

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