Media for buyers

Get to know brands and their offerings with media galleries, which can include showroom tours, press releases, Shop the Look images, product knowledge kits, videos, and more.

Note: Not all brands offer media galleries.

Access media

To access a brand’s media gallery, go to Media, from the left navigation menu. Choose from the tabs provided by the brand, which may include one or more of the following: Gallery, Press, Video, and Assets.

Media gallery.

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Use the Gallery tab to look through images provided by the brand. When offered, select the + icon within images for an overview of a product and the options to View Detail or Add to Order.


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The Press tab offers media related to brand news, such as press releases, celebrity sightings, events, editorials, and more.


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From the Video tab, select a thumbnail to view a video, which may include insights into the collection, brand, storefront, or other reels related to the brand and their offerings.


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In the Assets tab, brands may provide zip files of their media. Select Download for any of their offerings. 


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