Linesheets for buyers

Brands may offer Linesheets, organizing their offerings into collections, seasons, or other sets. 

Note: For brands that offer Linesheets, each brand has their own unique setup, which may vary from the provided examples.

Accessing Linesheets

From the left navigation menu, go to Linesheets.

Sort the list of Linesheets with the dropdown in the upper-right corner (examples: Merchandised, Updated (newest), etc.).

In the upper-left corner, use the Search Linesheets field to locate a specific Linesheet or select Search products? to navigate to the brand’s Product Gallery. Select the ellipsis icon on a Linesheet to Copy Link or Clone as Custom List.

Select a Linesheet to start browsing.


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Browsing Linesheets

Linesheets are compiled of products, often organized into sections. For example, the below Linesheet includes a section for Denim.

Browsing Linesheets.

As you scroll through the products listed in the Linesheet, use the options in the upper-right corner to adjust your view.

Icon View Description
Panel icon. Panel The default option is Panel view. It offers columns of images and key product details.
Small tile icon. Small Tile If you want to scroll through many products at a time, select Small Tile view to display a grid of small product images with condensed details.
Large tile icon. Large Tile Large Tile view showcases product images in an expanded size, so you can see those details without having to zoom in on each image. With this expanded size, Large Tile is not available for mobile. Instead, we recommend Panel view for mobile devices.
Card icon. Card Card view offers a horizontal display of small product images with key details to the right of each image.
Row icon. Row If you prefer to see products in a single list, select the Row view.

To narrow your list, use the Filters in the left menu (for example, Availability or Season). 

Product filters in Linesheets work dynamically, adjusting as you make selections. For example, If Mens is selected in the Gender filter, options (such as Dress, Skirt, etc.) will no longer display in the Category filter if they’re unavailable in Mens. For more details, see Product filters.

Use the Search field to locate a product by keyword or style number. 


If you’re not finding the product(s) you’re looking for, select the Filter icon. filters icon to the right of the Search Products field and apply the Expanded search.

  • Standard (default): Displays results that contain terms starting with the entered search criteria. For example, enter “bow” to locate matches with the terms “bow” or “bowtie.”
  • Expanded (slower): Displays results that contain terms appearing in any part of the entered search criteria. For example, enter “tie” to locate matches with the terms “tie” or “bowtie.”

Note: Closing your browser resets your search type to Standard.

To add products to the Working Order, hover over an item and select the cart icon. You can also select a product to see more details and enter quantities by delivery and size before adding it to the Working Order.

Cart icon.

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Downloading Linesheets

From the upper-right corner of a Linesheet, select Download to configure a PDF or XLS Order Form. You can also select the kabob menu icon to Copy Link or Clone as Custom List.

The PDF Template default is 16 Product - Landscape. You can adjust this and select other options offered by the brand before selecting Download.

Download and copy.

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