Product filters

As you browse, use filters in the Product Gallery and Linesheets (aka Catalogs) to refine the list of displayed products. This article provides a comprehensive list and descriptions for all available filters. 

How product filters work

Use filters (examples: by season, color, availability, department, or categories) to refine the displayed list of products. The Product Gallery uses static filtering, while Linesheets and Custom Lists use dynamic filtering.

Note: Brands control which filters are available.

Static filtering
(Product Gallery)
Dynamic filtering
(Linesheets and Custom Lists)
Static filters. Dynamic filters.

Static filtering (Product Gallery)

All filter options are displayed as you make your selections.

Dynamic filtering (Linesheets and Custom Lists)

Product filters in Linesheets and Custom Lists work dynamically, adjusting as the user makes selections.

For example, if Mens is selected in the Gender filter, options (such as Dress, Skirt, etc.) no longer display in the Category filter if they’re unavailable in Mens.

Things to keep in mind:

  • As you narrow down your choices, inapplicable options no longer display in the expanded filter menus (even if selected). 
  • At the top of the filter list, you can see all of your selections, including those that may no longer display in the filter menus. Use this consolidated display to review and remove filters.
  • When entering text into a filter, auto-complete options display, based on available products from your prior filter selections.

Note: Brands can contact Support to disable adaptive dynamic filters for Linesheets and Custom Lists

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The Availability filter allows you to filter through the product gallery by Immediate, Future, or Pre-book. This data is coming from the brand's inventory data. Brands can configure the logic for these filters in a couple ways:

  • Only show products available in the user's assigned warehouse(s) only (and not all warehouses).

    Brands can contact our Support team to enable this feature (so long as your brand has 2+ warehouses and those users don't have the view all warehouse permission).

  • When Immediate is selected, only show products that have immediate, on-hand inventory. Do not show products that have pre-book availability.

    Brands can enable this option in Inventory Settings.

Product Availability filter view.

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Use the Inventory filter to specify immediate and future inventory, based on 3 options:

  • Greater than: Find inventory for major buyers that only wish to consider products above a certain inventory count. 
  • Less than: Find products below a certain threshold, such as products below 25 units where you may wish to move them to a clearance linesheet or custom list.
  • Equal to: Find products with an exact quantity, such as those with 0 inventory.

You can provide a value that when entered will filter the current view to only products matching the filter type and value you entered. This feature can be enabled through a Brand preference. To enable this option, contact our Support team.

Product Inventory filter view.

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The Deliveries filter allows you to search based on items available in specific deliveries. Select a date range you'd like to search through.

Product Deliveries filter view.

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The Season filter allows you to search based on the season assigned to a style. This data is coming from your product data, so if you see any discrepancies, first review your product data. Only active seasons will show up, so if you'd like to archive a season and hide it from your filter, you can archive all products in that season.

Product Season filter view.

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The Color filter allows you to filter based on the color of the product. This information is obtained from your product data. You can select multiple colors from the scrollable list or search for a specific color.

Product Color filter view.

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The Department filter allows you to filter based on the department assigned to each product. This information is assigned in your product data. All active departments show up in this filter.

Product Department filter view.

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Similar to the Department filter, Category shows all active product categories in your product data. To remove a category, you must archive all products with that category.

Product Category filter view.

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The Status filter allows you to filter through only Active, online Inactive, and All products. Inactive products include products listed as Disabled. They also include products with no inventory if you have Hide Products with No Inventory turned on in your Inventory settings.

Product Status filter view.

Tip: If you have a Custom field that you would like to add as a filter, contact our Support team.

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