Set up units per pack

Brand admins can set up packs, which are predefined sets of units for specific sizes that are sold as one pack.


For example, if a brand sells a performance sock in packs of 5 for sizes S and XL and in packs of 10 for sizes M and L, then when a buyer orders 1 pack per size, they are ordering 4 packs, which total 30 units.

If your brand has the price per size setting, the pricing logic doesn't change when specifying units per pack. Pricing is set at the size / unit level, not at the pack level. Using the above example, if each sock is $6.50, then the order total is $195 for 30 units.

  Order Product sizes Units per pack Price
1 S 5 $6.50 per unit
1 M 10 $6.50 per unit
1 L 10 $6.50 per unit
1 XL 5 $6.50 per unit
Totals 4 packs 1 product 30 units $195.00 cost

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Set up

Set up units per pack on individual products or on multiple products in bulk.

Individual products

From the left navigation menu, go to Products and select the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of a product.

Edit a product.

In the Edit Product screen, enter a value in the Units per Pack field for each size you sell in packs. Select Save Product.

Enter units per pack.

Multiple products

Go to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data and choose an option to Download Your Data Without Archived Products (without images).

Note: If you download a CSV file, follow the steps in How to best access a CSV file in Excel.

Download product data.

Within the spreadsheet, enter a value in the Units per Pack column for each size and product you sell in packs.

Example spreadsheet.

Save the spreadsheet and return to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data to upload your file.

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When placing an order, pack information displays on the Products and Order Review tabs. The below images use the same Example offered in this article. 

Products tab

The units per pack information displays below the pricing information for each product. Buyers enter the number of packs they're ordering and the Working Order displays the total number of units and total price, based on the units per pack.

Products tab.

Order review tab

When reviewing an order, the number of packs ordered displays below each product and the total units and price display in the lower-right corner. 

Order review tab.

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Q: When packs are ordered, does the inventory quantity reduce by the number of packs ordered or the number of units contained in each ordered pack?

A: Inventory adjustments for packs is at the pack level.

The Units per Pack number drives the number of units totaled and displayed in the Working Order for pricing and informational purposes (calculated as Wholesale Price x Units per Pack), but this does not impact inventory.

Since a pack is considered a size value, only 1 pack is deducted for each quantity added to the cart. Therefore, when adding inventory quantities for your packs, make sure you add the number of packs available to sell, not the number of units.

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