How to add image separators to linesheets and custom lists

Images can be added to linesheet to display images related to the products, or as graphics to highlight a collection of products. This is a great place to call attention to a product or collection. 

To add an image separate, select the blue plus sign on the bottom left corner. 



After selecting this, you'll see a scrolling bar pop up with all your products. Select the image icon and drag it into your linesheet to where you'd like it to appear. 




Once you've added the image separator, you'll see the option to select an image from your computer. 




Please note the specifications: 

-RGB @ 72dpi

-Recommended size: 1200px x 300px 

-Maximum Size: 3200px X 3200 px 

After selecting your image you will see it appear in your linesheet.




If you have any additional questions, please reach out to NuORDER support at


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