Shipping configurations

Including a shipping amount in an order total is easy with NuORDER. We offer a number of ways to configure your portal to create the desired experience for your buyers and reps. 

Common shipping configuration options

There are 6 different common shipping configurations, and it's important to pick a configuration that meets your needs, is simple to implement, and easy to maintain. 

Shipping costs added after order submission

  • Shipping cost added during order payment
    • This is the default functionality in NuOrder Payments Recommended Configuration.
    • Add shipping cost after the buyer submits their order in the payments modal when processing the payment transaction.
    • Shipping is not mentioned during the Order Review tab of the checkout process.
    • Not recommended if editing the shipping amount is common after credit card authorization.
    • Shipping Amount not reflected in Order Total or Order Details.

      For more information, see Manage shipping
  • "Shipping Added Later” with shipping override
    • Force your buyers to acknowledge that shipping charges will be added before their order leaves the warehouse.
      Note: Depending on permissions, Brand users may or may not see Other as an option, and Buyers will not see this option. For more information, see Customized payments permissions for your brand and buyers.
    • Edit the order to include the new shipping amount; the buyer will receive an email that the order has been updated, and the shipping amount will be reflected in the Order Details.
      Note: In the Shipping Option field,
      Other may be available without Override Shipping toggled on when placing a new order, but when editing an existing order, Override Shipping must be toggled on.

      For more information, see Managing Shipping Promotions
  • Allow buyers to select “Use my own Shipping Account”
    • This option is great if your buyers, or a subset of them, are allowed to use their own shipping accounts to pay for shipping costs.
    • You can offer this option in conjunction with other shipping options.

      For more information, see Managing Shipping Promotions

Shipping estimates provided during Checkout Process

  • Tier-Based Shipping with Shipping Promotions
    • Set up rules to automatically apply shipping based on order criteria.
    • Examples:
      • $25 for orders under $100; $50 for orders $100-499; $75 for orders $500 and up
      • 5% shipping for all orders
      • Free shipping for orders over $1000
      • Free shipping for orders of 100 units or more
    • These Tiers should be estimates that cover shipping costs on the average order, and will not factor in the distance to a destination address.
    • Tiers are easily created and adjusted. Product weight information is not needed.
    • If an order qualifies for more than one promotion, by default only the lower-cost promotion will appear. Therefore we recommend keeping your promotions simple to avoid conflict.
      For more information, see Managing Shipping Promotions

  • Connect with your Shipping Carrier Account
    • Pull in your company’s negotiated rates with FedEx, UPS, USPS ( and/or DHL. Then select the shipping services for each carrier you want to provide, such as Ground, Express, or 3-Day Select
    • While these rates will be based on the zip code of the destination and the total weight of the order, the estimates will not match your warehouse’s actual shipping costs exactly.
      • If you want to charge the actual shipping cost to your buyer, the Shipping Override feature can be used to update the shipping amount before payment is collected. 
      • Otherwise, you may want to use the “Shipping Added Later” option above, and not show any estimate before your warehouse has packed the order and calculated a final shipping cost.
    • You can add a percent-based markup of the shipping rate estimation for each carrier, allowing you to control the buyer’s final shipping rate.
    • If you ship in a standard box size, you can enter these default box dimensions to be included in the estimation, however, the system will always estimate a 1 box shipment.

      For more information, see Shipping


  • Use Promotions and Carrier Connections
    • Use carrier rates and promotions; each promotion will be associated with a particular service for a carrier.
    • If an order qualifies for both a promotion and normal carrier rate, by default only the lower cost will appear (contact your Account Manager to have all rates appear).
      • Ex. If the normal FedEx Ground cost is $30 but a promotion is active which offers $25 for FedEx Ground shipping, then the buyer will only see the $25 promotion.



Q: Can we offer some carriers to certain buyers? For example, only some buyers should see USPS costs, while others should only see FedEx.

A: Currently, the shipping carriers will display on an all-or-none basis. We recommend either only connecting the carriers and services you need, using promotions to cover more bases, or manually entering shipping as per the recommended configurations.

Q: Can we edit shipping after the order is placed?

A: Yes, if you are using either promotions or shipping carriers. As a best practice, make sure you edit the shipping amount before authorizing or charging a credit card for the order. You can also customize the permissions in your portal to control who can make these edits.

To edit shipping, select the pencil icon to edit the order. On the Order Review tab, turn on the Override Shipping toggle and select Other in the dropdown menu. Enter a new Shipping Type (label) and Shipping Amount.

If you are integrated, contact your Integration Consultant to discuss your specific use case in detail.

Q: I don’t see a service I offer. How can I request it?

A: If you are able to pull the shipping cost for the service, you can add the fee to the order using the edit shipping option discussed above. Otherwise, contact your Account Manager to submit a feature request.

Q: Are shipping notification emails sent for partially shipped orders or when the full order ships?

A: NuORDER sends an email every time a shipment is added. 

Q: Can shipping cost be marked up by a percentage? 

A: You have the ability to create shipping promotions for shipping rates. You can add a standard percentage markup to your shipping rates without a promotion. The increase would apply to everyone and could not be specified by buyer.

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