What to know about your recommended configuration

NuORDER Payments and Lightspeed Payments offer you one provider to manage your processor, gateway, and settlement needs at highly competitive rates designed just for you.

Give everyone the option to provide credit card details on order submission

This information gets saved securely in the buyer’s profile, and allows you to charge them at your convenience. The Request Payment feature lets you prompt buyers to complete their payment, if a credit card was not supplied.

All your buyers and brand users can utilize credit card features

Cut down on time spent chasing buyers for payment information by providing the option to link a card on order submission.

Easily add shipping charges to the order

When you’re ready to ship, add the necessary shipping charges to an order and capture payment in a single transaction.

Access to reporting on all your transactions

We provide reports that help you see your success, and make it clear how to reconcile your cash flow.

Operate with the highest level of security

NuORDER Payments and Lightspeed Payments are dedicated to ensuring your information and transactions are secure. Fully PCI compliant, 3rd party vaulting for card storage, and PSD2-ready for global compliance as you expand.

Want more information and resources?

Download NuORDER Intro to Payments or browse the Payments KnowledgebaseAlso, visit our NuORDER Payments University course for live demonstrations!

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