Create and edit Promotions

Promotions and promotional messages encourage buyers to add more to their cart, as they get close to qualifying for a discount.

Note: Contact your Account Manager to enable Promotions. For integrated brands, see also the Promotions implementation guide for integrated brands.

Overview and example Promotions

Learn about Promotions with the below videos and the details in this article. Also, check out our Promotions overview, Promotions FAQ and Promotions on order exports.

Promotions in NuORDER

Watch this video for an overview of Promotions, including what it is, how it works, and what your buyers will see.

Example order Promotion

Watch this video for an example order Promotion with a discount that buyers can earn if they meet the order amount and delivery date requirements.

Example product Promotion

Watch this video for an example series of product Promotions, each with an increased percentage off with the more the buyer purchases.

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Create and manage Promotions

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Promotions > Manage promotions.

Brand admin.

The Manage Promotions table displays your Promotions and key information, such as Status (Active or Inactive) and Date range.

Select the pencil icon to edit a Promotion or select +New to start creating a Promotion. You can also select the Duplicate icon. duplicate icon to create and modify a new Promotion, based on the configurations of a previously created Promotion.

Manage promotions.

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Promotion configurations

Promotions have multiple configuration options. Keep in mind that you must select Save at the bottom to create a Promotion or keep any changes.

Promotion name

The Promotion Name is visible to customers. Including the type of Promotion and spend requirements can help buyers get excited about reaching the discount. For example, 10% off orders shipped between Nov 12 and Dec 12.

Promotion description

Use the Promotion Description to share the details of the Promotion. For example, Earn 10% off your orders over $10,000 placed between October 14th and December 3rd, with a delivery date between Nov 12 through Dec 12 of 2022.


Use the Active toggle to activate (or deactivate) the Promotion.

Promotion name, description, and Active toggle.


Select the Currency and choose if the Promotion applies to the Order or Product level.

Type and currency.

Target customers

Choose the Target Customer:

  • All Customers (default): Choose this option to apply the Promotion to all customers.
  • Single Company: Select a company contact.
  • Customer Groups: Select one, multiple, or all customer groups.

Target customers.

Eligibility rules

Depending on your Promotion Type selection (Order or Product), use the Choose Type or Product filter dropdown to configure the eligibility rules.

Note: You can select Add Rule to create more than one eligibility rule. Each rule in a Promotion uses AND logic, so all criteria must apply. If you don’t want all rules to apply, create a new Promotion for your additional scenario.

Order Promotion types Selections
Order Amount Enter an amount for At least (required) and At most (optional).
Order Delivery Date Select a Start Date and End Date. Only products ordered within the select delivery date range are eligible for the promotional discount.
Order Level Field Choose an order Field and its required Value.
Order Quantity Enter order quantity values for At least (required) and At most (optional).

For Order Amount and Order Quantity, you can toggle on Include threshold messaging and enter a value. Turning on threshold messaging is a best practice because it encourages buyers to add more to their cart. When the buyer reaches that threshold value, they’ll see a message, letting them know they’re close to reaching a Promotion.

Eligibility rules for Order type promotions.

Product Promotion types Selections
Select a Product filter.

Examples: Color, Season, Category, or another product custom field.*
After selecting a field in the Product filter dropdown menu, choose its required Value(s).

*Dates and Description product schema fields aren’t supported for Promotions.

For any Product filter, you can choose to Set minimum rules to define the trigger for the Promotion, and Include threshold messaging to notify buyers when they are close to qualifying for a Promotion. Turn on both as a best practice because this combination encourages buyers to add more to their cart.

Eligibility rules for Product type promotions.

Discount applied

Choose the Discount Type (Percentage off or Amount off) and enter the Discount value.

Discount type and value.

Active dates

Define the timeframe that you would like the Promotion to run. The time corresponds to your local time zone.

For example, if you want to start the Promotion on a specific date and keep it open-ended, you can set the Start Date and Start Time, but keep the End Date and End Time blank.

Active dates.

When you finish creating your Promotion, select Save. As a reminder, set the Promotion to Active for it to go live (at your chosen start date and time).

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Promotion messages

Promotion messaging throughout the purchasing process helps build excitement for the buyer. NuORDER displays two message types, both within the order screen:

  • When a cart is close to qualifying for a Promotion (highlighted in blue).
  • When a Promotion is applied (highlighted in green).

When a buyer’s cart is close to being eligible for a discount, a blue message displays within the Working Order, encouraging the user to add more items to their order. Not only does this message specify the discount they are close to qualifying for, but also how much they could potentially save.

Message when the buyer is close to a promotion.

If the buyer adds additional items and reaches the Promotion, a green message displays, specifying the details of the discount and the total savings.

Message when a promotion is applied.

Buyers also see how much they’re saving with the original price in strikethrough text alongside their discounted price. This price comparison displays in the Working Order (example below), submitted and draft orders, and the Product Details page after the product is added to the cart.

Strikethrough text with how much the discount saved the buyer.

Additionally, on the Order Review tab, this same message, with applied discount and savings, displays below the subtotal.

Promotion applied.

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Promotions on orders

From the left navigation menu, go to Orders. Enter the Promotion name in the Promotion filter to refine the list to only orders with that Promotion. When using multiple Promotions in the filter the filter logic will look for orders with one of the entered Promotion names. Users are able to use additional filters to refine the order list. Promotion information appear on submitted and draft orders.

Note: See Promotions on order exports for tips on configuring order exports with Promotion information.

Orders filters.

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