Manage contacts

Use the Contacts page to manage company and buyer contacts. NuORDER offers two display options: the new and the original contacts page.

Note: If your brand has company and buyer data integrated with an ERP, you may not be able to add, edit, or delete company or buyer data directly within NuORDER. Contact your admin to confirm if your brand is integrated and, therefore, editing is restricted.

Set your display option

From the left navigation menu, hover your mouse over your initials / name in the lower-left corner and select Edit Profile.

Edit Profile and Contacts option in left navigation menu.

Checkmark the New Contacts Page for the new display. Uncheck it for the original display. To confirm any changes to your profile, select Save.

Note: You can also update your name, email, and password when editing your profile.

New Contacts Pages option.

For either view, select Contacts from the left navigation menu to manage your company and buyer contacts.

Note: Admins can also manage company data and buyer data with an upload. 

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New contacts page

The Contacts page displays companies and buyers. Add or remove Columns in the upper-right corner to specify which information you'd like to see.

Use the Filters on the left and the Search Contacts field above the table to locate specific companies and buyers.

Hover over a row to Edit a buyer or company, Delete a buyer or company, or View Orders.

New Contacts Pages view.

Use the icon to the left of the sorting options to add a new buyer or company.

Add new buyer or company.

Use the dropdown menu to the left of Columns to sort by Created (newest first), Created (oldest first), Name A-Z, or Name Z-A.

Contacts sort.

After selecting a company, review company information, recent orders, buyers, and billing and shipping addresses.

You can add buyers and addresses from those sections.

Add buyer and add address options.

When creating or editing a buyer contact with the New Contacts Pages, brand users can select Add Credit Card to enter that buyer’s card information. You can also select the trash icon to remove a card that was added by the brand. The ability to delete a card isn’t available to brand users if the buyer added the card.

Note: When adding a card, you must confirm that you’re authorized to add the card on behalf of the card holder and that you can charge payments to the card on orders.

Add a credit card.

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Original contacts page

The Contacts page offers two views, which you can toggle between in the upper-left corner: Companies and Buyers.

Select a letter (for the contact's name) or use the Search field in the upper-right corner to locate a company or buyer.

When you select a company or buyer, NuORDER displays that contact's information on the right, where you can select Edit to make changes. Use the arrow icons to expand each section for more information.

Origional Contacts Page view.

Add contacts by selecting New Company on the Companies tab or New Buyer on the Buyers tab. Company contacts also offer the option to add a New Buyer.

Add companies and buyers.

Select Edit to make changes. After you make updates, select Save Changes.

To delete a contact, go to its edit screen and select Delete Company or Delete Buyer.

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When creating a company, assign at least one sales rep.

Select Edit Company (new) or Edit (original) to make changes to company information. When you're done, select Save (new) or Save Changes (original).

You can delete a company when editing it by selecting Delete (new) or Delete Company (original).

New contacts page edit company:

Edit company from the new contacts view.

Original contacts page edit company:

Edit company from original view.

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Create a buyer from a company or from the Contacts page.

Use the Create buyer screen to assign the Company name and Buyer’s Sales Rep, as well as enter the buyer’s name, email address, and any other pertinent information.

For integrated brands, the top of the Company name list displays the three companies most recently added to your ERP.

When you’re done, select Save buyer to contacts.

Create buyer

When you create a buyer, they'll receive an invitation to shop your brand in NuORDER. This is how the buyer will log into NuORDER to view your brand, and also where all Linesheets and orders will be sent. If the buyer doesn't already have a NuORDER login, then the email address you enter will become their username for logging in.

Tip: Double check that you've spelled everything right; if there's a mistake in the email address, they may never know you invited them to shop!

If you added a buyer with the incorrect email address, delete the incorrect buyer and add the correct one instead.

Note: Only the buyer can adjust their email address after they are added. They can adjust their email by editing their profile.

After you've added your buyer's information (name and email address), assign them to the appropriate sales rep or sales manager in the Buyer's Sales Reps field. If selecting more than one sales rep, choose which is the default. Keep in mind that selecting the buyer for an order automatically populates the order’s Sales Rep field with the buyer's Default Sales Rep or the sales rep who created the order. If the buyer has more than one sales rep, then another can be selected if preferred for that order.  

Note: You can select multiple Reps.

Select a buyer to review buyer information and orders. Select Edit Buyer (new) or Edit (original) to make changes.

New contacts page edit buyer:

Edit buyer from new contacts view.

Original contacts page edit buyer:

Edit buyer from original view.

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Consider these key configurations when adding and editing addresses:

  • Address Type: Select Shipping, Billing, or both.
  • Display Name: Include a Display Name as a recognizable reference (examples: Billing or 3rd Street). Buyers see and use these names on their working orders.
  • Primary / Default: Addresses denoted as Primary (new) or Default (original) pre-populate in working orders for the associated company.
  • Shipping and Billing Codes: Address codes appear on order export spreadsheets.

Enter address information, while considering the above, and then Save (new) or Save Changes (original).

New contacts page add address:

Add an address from new contacts view.

Original contacts page add address:

Add an address from original view.

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