Educational Resources: Buyer FAQ Cheat Sheet

We did a little research and found that most buyers have similar challenges when using NuORDER.  We put together some quick and easy video tutorials to help educate buyers on how to use NuORDER.   

Here’s the top buyer questions, and links to the video tutorial on each subject.

Note: You can print this information out in the attached PDF - check it out below the article.  

1.  How to Log In


Buyer Success Tip: After logging in for the first time with the temporary password from you NuORDER invitation, change your password to something easy to remember. (You can change your password in your NuORDER profile - and you must be logged in to do that.  If you forgot your password - check out the next tutorial!)


2.  How to Reset Your Password


Buyer Success Tip: When you’re resetting a temporary or forgotten password, make sure to click SAVE at the bottom of your NuORDER profile before you leave the page.  


3.  How to Navigate the Task Manager


Buyer Success Tip: You can return to the Task Manager, NuORDER’s Home Screen, at any time my clicking the Home icon located at the top left of the browser window.


4.  Browsing and Shopping on NuORDER


Buyer Success Tip: Did you know buyers can place orders 24/7/365?  It’s true!  Use NuORDER to place orders and go completely paperless.  Eliminate filing, save time, and go green!


5.  How to Place Orders


Buyer Success Tip: Did you know you can use any old order and copy the items into your working order?  Click on the “COPY” icon from any order in the Orders tab for easy reorders.  


And don’t forget, the NuORDER Retailer Success team is always here to help!


phone:   +1 310 954 1313

hours of operation:  M - F 6AM - 6PM PT


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