Get Them Shopping: Tactics to encourage buyer engagement

We love talking to our brands about how they use NuORDER - especially when we learn about new and interesting ways they're using it to drive their own success.  

After chatting with several successful brands, we thought we'd share some tactics they're using to boost their sales.  Here's a couple great ways to encouraging buyers to log in to your portal, and make sure they can easily find what you want them to buy.


Leverage Catalogs & Linesheets!  

What makes some shopping experiences great, and other’s just so-so?   First you have to have great products.  Next you have to present them in a desirable and easy to understand way - and that means great merchandising.  

Creating standard linesheets for your brand is a great way to drive engagement because it tells your buyers (and reps) what you want them to buy.  

Here are some ways brands use linesheets to successfully drive sales:

  • Replenishment Items: Make a linesheet of all your products available for replenishment.  It’s a quick and easy way to let buyers find the items they reorder most.  
  • Push Trend Items: Create linesheets to drive sales of trend products.  You just trend items on a linesheet, or you could create multiple linesheets around each trend.  
  • Promote Best Sellers: Make linesheets of best products
  • “What You Missed At The Tradeshow”: Create a linesheet of the best sellers or highlights from the last tradeshow for buyers who couldn’t make it.

In the Admin’s ‘Manage Linesheets’ area, you can drag and drop them into the order you want them presented in the Linesheets tab of your portal.  Make sure to put the most important or most recent ones at the top for the best response.  

Pro Tip: Send yourself one of the above linesheets, and use the PDF to create a marketing email to all your accounts.  In the email, encourage them to log in to NuORDER and shop for the items.  This is a great way to create a sense of urgency, or even highlight new things every week.  


Brand Your Users’ Experience

Branding is central to every business – it’s your identity, it’s what makes your products unique.  NuORDER offers several opportunities to infuse your brand into your portal – so take advantage of it.

Make sure your portal is branded in the following places:

  • A branded login page: Start off on the right foot with a branded login.  The login will have your imagery, and makes it easier to buyers to find you online.  You can even add a “Wholesale Login” link from your B2C eCommerce site (
  • Your NuORDER Marketplace Profile: Like a branded login, this is your chance to make a first impression. So make it count – take your time and pick the right pictures, and write a thoughtful brand bio.

Pro Tip:
Keep it fresh.  If your products evolve with the seasons - make your branding do the same.  Swap it out often - think of it like the front window to a retail store.  

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