Introduction: The Buyer Engagement Toolkit

Welcome to NuORDER’s Buyer Engagement Toolkit - a set of tips and resources to help you get buyers shopping your brand on NuORDER all by themselves! 

The Buyer Engagement Toolkit is split up into three sections. Some are for internal use only, and some are meant for you to share with your buyers.


1.  Why You Should Encourage Buyers to Login & Shop

Did you know that many of your buyers want to be able to shop online for their stores?

When buyers sign in and shop your brand on their own, it can really help you increase your sales - and makes the buyers life easier. It’s a win-win!   

In this section we will review the benefits both you and your buyers can expect when they log in and shop for themselves.  


2.  Educational Resources: The Buyer FAQ Cheat Sheet

Did you know NuORDER provides many educational resources, as well as phone support for for your buyers?

In this section we will review some key resources to help make using NuORDER easy for your buyers.  You can even print or email this page out as quick cheat sheet if buyers contact you with questions.  


3.  Get Them Shopping: Tactics To Encourage Buyer Engagement:

Encouraging buyers to log in and shop for themselves may seem like a challenge.  But it’s really not so hard!  Just combine a couple marketing best practices, and you’ll be surprised how simple it can be.

This section contains some simple, easy, and PROVEN ways to encourage buyers to log in and shop on NuORDER.  We’ve seen these tactics work for many brands on the platform, but the skys the limit!  So put on your marketing hat, get creative, and the sky’s the limit!  Maybe you can even get a little help from your marketing dept, if you’re lucky!  


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