Price per size

NuORDER supports variable wholesale prices per size for products. Contact our Support team to enable this feature. 

Note: Pricing per size is only supported for the wholesale price (not for the MSRP). 

To upload pricing per size, use the Price per size template. This template includes two columns for wholesale pricing:

  • WHOLESALE USD: This is the default wholesale price for the product.
  • PRICE 1 USD: This is the actual wholesale price per size and this column accepts a different price for each size. Any sizes or products that don't have a value in this column display the default WHOLESALE USD price in NuORDER

The Size column is required when using price per size. 

After updating and saving the template, brand admins can upload it by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Product Data.

In the Working Order, products with variable wholesale prices display the range (example: $60.00 - $70.00).

The Working Order.

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