Price sheet overview

Use price sheets to offer multiple prices (at the product level) and to restrict visibility for select customers.

Manage price sheets

Download a preexisting price sheet by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Pricing or choose from the options provided in Download: Price sheet data templates.

Note: If you're using variable wholesale prices per size for products, follow the steps in Price per size.

Populate the price sheet template, based on these field descriptions:

  • Style Number, Season, Color: These values must match you product data. As examples: Style Number: ABC-12 | Season: FALL | Color: BLACK.

  • Pricesheet: Uniquely name the price sheet so you can later assign it. To ensure the price sheet processes successfully, don't name it as a currency code only:

    • Do examples: USD DBP Pricing, CAD Pricing, etc.
    • Don't examples: USD, CAD, GPB, etc.
  • Wholesale Price: Enter the wholesale price (example: 10.00).

  • Retail Price: Either enter a value or leave it blank. If left blank, this information will automatically default to the product data for MSRP.

  • Disabled: Enter a Y in the Disabled column to make the product unavailable to those assigned to the price sheet. Otherwise, enter a N to make it available.

  • Size: This field is required if your brand is set up with the price per size setting.

Note: When using a template in Download: Price sheet data templates, review the Instructions and Field Descriptions tabs for details on how to fill out the template.

Price sheet template.

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Pricing. Drag and drop your updated template spreadsheet to upload it.

Upload the price sheet template.

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Assign price sheets

When you assign a price sheet to a company, the prices automatically update for that company's buyers. Any customers not assigned to a price sheet see the default wholesale pricing.

After uploading the price sheet, you can assign it to companies individually or in bulk.

Assign individually

From the left navigation menu, go to Contacts. Hover your mouse over a row, select the pencil icon, and choose Edit Company.

Contacts page.

In the Edit Company screen, use the Pricing Template field to select an uploaded price sheet, and then Save.

Edit a contact.

Assign in bulk

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Company Data and download a spreadsheet.

Download company data.

In the price sheet column, enter the exact name of the uploaded price sheet to assign it to a company. If this column is left blank, the company sees the default pricing from the product data.

Save the updated file, and then upload it by returning to to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Company Data.

Upload company data.

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