What to do when brand items are added as placeholders to your assortment

When the brand adds new products to a catalog for you to browse, it takes about 15 minutes for the data to sync over to your assortment area. This includes mapping the brand's data into your specific assortment fields, and applying any special pricing the brand set up for you.

If an item has not fully synced over yet from the brand side to the assortment tool, it gets added as a placeholder so you can continue working and taking notes while the sync completes.


If you clicked the bulk action to "add all products" from the catalog you'll see the list of any items which were not fully synced yet.


In this state, the item will be identified temporarily by the name and color, which will appear in any key fields in the assortment. You may notice that fields which are usually required (e.g. Size Range, Cost, Retail) are showing blanks. 


After a few minutes, click "Sync product data" in your assortment to refresh the brand data. If the brand's sync has completed, the items will auto update with their images and the rest of the information.

You do not need to manually link these items and they will not have the "unlinked" icon like an SMU.

If after 30 minutes the missing data still doesn't update when you "Sync product data," contact NuORDER Support.

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