Assortments: Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there costs for my vendor partners to participate with NuORDER?

A: No, there is no cost to the vendor to support your markets through NuORDER.


Q: Is participation required of the vendor partners?

A: We strongly encourage supplier partners to participate to ensure we are able to experience the benefits of utilizing NuORDER across the organization. Additionally, the vendor may experience benefits such as shorter market appointments, and reduced back and forth in obtaining item information and updates. Buying teams can then visualize their buy across multiple brands. 


Q: How will the buying team be using NuORDER? 

A: Buying teams will utilize the platform to preview line sheets prior to the market appointment, make selections while in the appointment, capture product images, and take notes. 


Q: How long does it take to onboard and train a brand? 

A: For training and onboarding we ideally suggest 4 weeks to get the brand comfortable and confident using the platform. We are able to speed up the process based on the brand’s needs. 


Q: What is the onboarding process for a brand? 

A: NuORDER will schedule a kick off call with them to walk them through an overview of the partnership, the tool, and next steps. We will ask the brand to send us their product information & imagery ahead of market. NuORDER will then build out the account & linesheets for the brand. The brand will receive access to the tool and review the linesheets. Product updates and changes can be sent to NuORDER’s onboarding team or managed by the brand. When the brand is ready for market, the buying teams will receive an email notification. Following market, NuORDER will follow up with the brand for additional product updates & information.  


Q: What if the brand works with Joor? Can they use both systems?

A: Yes, they can easily use both systems. Brands provide Joor with an excel sheet of their product data and their image files. The same information and format can be imported into NuORDER. We work with several brands that interact with Joor and NuORDER and it is very easy process for them. Brands can send the information to our onboarding team, and NuORDER will handle the updates and new product adds. Brands can then access the information to review the linesheets.


Q: Will NuORDER be integrating with GXS?

A: Not at this time. 


Q: Can NuORDER integrate with brand’s internal systems?

A: NuORDER has integrated with over 100+ systems. This makes it even easier for product information to get updated. There is an additional cost for this service. 


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