What to do when you've lost connection

If your wifi connectivity is low or problematic to the point where you've lost connection with the server, you'll see an alert.


This means that the changes you are making in your assortment haven't been able to save to the cloud. Before you can move forward, you'll be prompted with a few options:

  • Retry: Always try this first to see if the system can reconnect. If so, your pending changes will be synced and you can continue working.
  • Clear Unsaved Changes: If Retrying is not successful, you may need to use this option to refresh your browser to re-establish the connection. However, this means that your assortment will reset to the last point when you had connection, clearing out any changes that you made since then. Make sure you have the notes you'll need to recreate your work where you left off.
  • Export Assortment to XLS: Before clearing your changes or refreshing the browser, export your assortment to XLS. The export will include your pending (unsynced) edits so you don't have to try to recreate your notes from memory. 
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