Creating a rollup of assortments from multiple folder locations

Need to roll up across a broader set spanning multiple folders, or a mix of assortments from My Drive and Shared? 

Create a Rollup of assortments from any location in the Drive.

  1. Select New > New Assortment Rollup.
  2. A dialog will open, including a picker where you can navigate to any location to choose assortments for the rollup. You can include assortments from My Drive and Shared folders.
    Note: There is a limit of 500 assortments which can be included in a rollup. Once you reach 500 selected assortments, you will see an alert if you attempt to add more.
    Optional: Pre-select the first batch of assortments from the Drive list before launching the New Assortment Rollup action. These assortments will be pre-populated in the picker.
  3. Save or view the Rollup.
    When you have chosen all your assortments, it's time to save (or view) your rollup.
    To save your rollup so that you and your team can access it again and again, first select a destination in Drive and name the rollup. Then, click Save Rollup. If you save your rollup to a shared folder, anyone with access to that folder can access the rollup. Just like an assortment, a rollup will inherit the permissions of the folder it's in.
    If you just want to view the rollup on the spot without saving, click View Rollup from the dialog. The rollup will open in a new tab.

After you save your rollup, it works like any other item in Drive. You can edit a saved rollup at any time, and even manage who has access to it.

View rollups even when assortments are missing

When you open a saved rollup, you might not be able to access all of its assortments -- maybe one of the assortments has been deleted or your permissions have been changed. In this case, you'll still be able to open the saved rollup and view all the assortments that you do have access to without being blocked from reviewing. The rollup will load as expected and you'll receive an alert confirming how many assortments are, and are not visible to you.


Learn more about the features available in a Rollup.

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