Editing a saved rollup

After you save an assortment rollup, you can edit it at any time. You can change its name, add new assortments, or even remove an assortment with just a few clicks.

To edit a rollup, just right-click on the rollup and click Edit Rollup.


In the modal that appears, you’ll see the name of your rollup and any assortments that are currently included.

To change the name of an assortment, edit the text box available underneath the Name field and then click Save Rollup.


To add or remove an assortment, click underneath the Choose assortments field and a window will appear showing what assortments are available. 


Then, click on the checkbox next to an individual assortment to add it to your rollup. If you’d like to remove an assortment from your rollup, simply uncheck the box next to the assortment's name. To add or remove all assortments within a single folder at once, check (or uncheck) the box next to All from within the folder at the top of the window.

Once you’ve selected all of the assortments you want in your rollup, click Done, followed by Save Rollup. If you just need to remove an assortment, you can also click the ‘X’ next to the assortments name in the Edit Rollup modal. 

Heads up: If an assortment previously included in the rollup has since been deleted, you’ll also see an alert at the top of the modal. To continue, just remove any now-deleted assortments from your rollup (they’ll be highlighted red), and click Save Rollup.


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