Rollups: Review multiple assortments in a rollup

Need to review the buy across more than one assortment or buying department? Rollups allow you to select any assortments you have access to, and review them together to get a better understanding of the combined buy.

Viewing a rollup 

Before you view a rollup, first you must save it to your Drive.

In your assortments Drive, select the name of the saved rollup you want to view. 


Note: For large rollups, you may see a progress bar as we prepare your data. 

Within the rollup

You'll see a combined read-only view of your chosen assortments.

From here, you can use all the analytic tools to review the combined plan visually (using Tile View) or data focused (using Grid View), including search, filtering, sorting, groupings, and pivots.


Any search terms, filtering, sorting, groupings, and pivots applied in one view will remain as you switch between Grid and Tile Views.


Apply saved views  

Click the Views tab to access saved views from each assortment in the rollup. Expand any assortment to see the views. Click to apply that view to the entire rollup.


Sharing the rollup

If the rollup is stored in a folder, it will automatically be accessible to all users who have access to the folder. You can share the rollup with additional users or upgrade a user’s access level by selecting Manage Access. From the Drive view, right click on the rollup and choose Manage Access from the menu. From within the rollup, select the Manage Access icon in the upper-right corner.

Additional features available in a rollup

  • Export your rollup data to do additional analysis offline.
  • Expand All Groups with one click in Tile View. When you select this option from the Tile View configuration menu, each group will automatically open as you scroll down the page. To have your groups remain closed as you scroll, simply uncheck this option.
  • Assortment Name is clickable: Select the link to open that assortment (in a new tab) where you can make edits.
  • Refresh your rollup to pull in new changes, and any grouping, sorting, and filters will still be applied after you refresh.
  • Filter by Door to visualize one or more specific doors. 
  • Pivot by Doors (Group)to scroll each door's items in a single view. Drag the Doors (Group) from the Columns sidebar into the "Row Groups" to pivot your assortment by door.
  • View Door Totals for Units, Products, Avg Depth, Cost, Retail. Click Doors > Show door totals to bring this into view on the grid.
  • Tile view shows door totals per item, just like in a regular assortment.
  • Analyze using Percent to Total in pivots for units and dollars. After dragging a field into the Values area, click to select Sum(%) to view the contribution per group.
  • Hashtags are clickable to apply a one-click filter based on notes and key buying strategies.
  • View your targets in assortment rollups. This feature is currently in Beta only for select customers. 



Q: Can I bookmark my rollup for quick access? 

A: Yes, you can bookmark the URL of your rollup. As of January 2022, the format of the rollup URLs changed, so you may need to re-launch your rollup from the Drive view in order to bookmark the new URL. Additionally, to easily access a rollup, you can create a shortcut for the rollup or use the Star feature.

Q: My rollup cannot be opened because an assortment is in the Trash. What do I do?

A: From the Drive view, select Edit Rollup. Deleted assortments will be highlighted in red. Select the X to remove them, then, select Save to re-save the rollup. If you have editing permission on the rollup, you can do this yourself. Otherwise, reach out to your Drive Admin or a colleague who has the necessary permission. Once this is done, you will be able to open the rollup.

If the assortment was deleted in error, restore it from the Trash. Once it is back in an active Drive location, it can be viewed in the rollup.

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