Payments FAQ (for admins)

Q: Can you hide the option to "Charge Now" when checking out in the Working Order?

A. Yes, we can set different permissions for different brand users (admins, sales managers, and sales reps) so that some role types are not able to charge or authorize cards when placing an order or after. Please keep in mind that this is dependent on the role type, rather than the individual’s login.

Q: How do customers on Net Payment terms place orders?

A: The recommended configuration that is typically used allows all buyers to have the option to add a credit card on order submission. If desired, we can whitelist your customers so that only some buyers can use cards, while others, such as terms customers, can not. For more information, see Use credit cards for a subset of buyers.

Q: Why isn't there a Payment icon next to some orders?

A: An order may not have a Payment icon if:

  • The buyer or company on the order is deleted.
  • The order is a Draft Order.
  • The order is an EZ Order.
  • The order is in a currency without a gateway.
  • Whitelist rules excluded the company from using credit card payments.

Q: How do I know if a Payment was refunded?

A: You can see the transaction history on an order by selecting the Payment icon from the Orders page. You'll see the refund if one was completed.

You can also find refunds over a date range in your payment history report by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Payment History.

Q: What Payment Status displays when payment is split on an order?

A: If someone does a split payment via our credit card processing, the Payment Status will change from Not Paid to Partial Payment.

Q: What Payment Status displays when we do a partial refund?

A: If you do a partial refund on an order that was paid in full, the Payment Status will change from Paid in Full to Partial Payment.

Q: What's the minimum amount I can charge?

A: The minimum amount you can charge is $2.00.

Q: Can I refund a transaction that's older than 60 days?

A: You can't refund a transaction that's older than 60 days. This is a rule set by the card networks (MasterCard and Visa). If you need to refund a customer after 60 days, you should issue a check or another form of payment.

Q: Can I authorize a credit card?

A: Yes. Credit card authorizations last 7 days and affect the available credit line for the cardholder. We recommend that you only authorize when you're able to ship the order before the authorization expires (for immediate orders and not prebook orders) and use Complete Transaction against the authorization to collect payment.

Note: If your subscription plan qualifies you to bring your own processor, the authorization limit can be customized from the 7 day window.

Q: Which types of cards does NuORDER accept?

A: NuORDER accepts all Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

NuORDER also supports payments from international credit cards. For example, if the buyer uses an Australian card to place an order in USD, the order will be in USD, the funds deposited into your bank account will be in USD, and the cardholder's card statement will show a charge in AUD.

Note: Foreign exchange fees are applicable when using an international credit card to transact in a non-local currency. This is charged to the cardholder by the credit card issuing bank and merchant services provider.

Q: Are Payments features available in NuORDER Mobile?

A: While some NuORDER Payments options are available in NuORDER Mobile, we suggest you navigate to the NuORDER web application, where NuORDER Payments is optimized.

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