Supported transaction processes

NuORDER Payments and Lightspeed Payments support multiple common and complex payment scenarios. This article includes an overview of the most common scenarios we support.

Immediate orders

Credit card authorization and capture after order submission

The most common scenario is to authorize and/or charge an order after it's submitted, but close to its ship date. This is part of our recommended configuration and supports different workflows depending on the brand.

For example, a brand may authorize and charge at the same time, or they may authorize before sending the order out and capture when it's out of the warehouse.

Credit card authorization at the time of purchase

When a buyer submits an order, it’s possible for NuORDER Payments to authorize a purchase without a capture (e.g. taking the funds from the account), so that you may capture a payment at the time of shipment.

If you choose to activate these settings in your account, NuORDER will not require a capture at the time of order submission.

Credit card authorization and capture at the time of purchase

Based on the workflow you establish with your CSM while setting up your account, it’s possible to allow buyers to pay in full before an item is shipped.

If you wish to activate this type of workflow, we recommend checking with your fulfillment partner or warehouse on any potential limitations of capturing funds before an item has shipped; different states and countries often have different rules for when funds can be deducted from a credit card account for deposit.

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Prebook orders

Save card, but do not charge or authorize until near shipment date

When working with prebook orders, it can be hard to know when the order (or the items within the order) are going to ship. Because a credit card authorization period is limited to 7 days, NuORDER allows the buyer to enter in a card to be authorized and captured against at a later date. A buyer can either select an existing default card to use when the shipment is ready, or they can enter payment information later when the shipment is ready and you have notified them delivery is pending.

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Additional scenarios

If you do not see your workflow covered below, or you’d like to request specific customizations, please reach out to your CSM for additional support.

Note: It's currently not possible for brands that sell WIP/future replenishment to automate workflows based on order type.

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