Manage connection requests

Connect retailers to your brand by managing connection requests.

Vetting connection requests

You may receive vetted and non-vetted connection requests from retailers.

  • Vetted retailers: Connection requests from NuORDER Marketplace are from vetted retailers, who have undergone a strict scrutiny process and are approved by our team, after a full review of their credentials.
  • Non-vetted retailers: Retailers who contact you outside of Marketplace aren't vetted by NuORDER and don't display in your connections manager. For non-vetted retailers, we recommend reaching out to the buyer directly to gain additional information on their credentials before deciding to add them as a buyer.

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Marketplace contact email

When retailers submit a connection request, you'll see these requests in NuORDER, as well as receive an email. In the email, select View connection requests to go directly to the Manage connection requests page in NuORDER.

Note: For integrated brands, the email includes a reminder to add the company contact information to your ERP.

Connection request email.

To update the email that receives the connection requests, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Brand Settings.

In the Emails field (under Contact Info) add one or more email address(es), and then scroll to the top of the page to select Update Settings.

Update email.

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Managing connection requests

To manage connection requests from Marketplace, hover over Contacts, and then select Connection requests. If your brand has pending requests, then the number of pending requests is displayed to the right of the Connection requests link.

Select Contacts and then Connection requests.

The Manage Connection Requests page provides a table of your brand's connection requests and an overview of the request details.

Refine this list with the Search requests text field in the upper-left corner and the Filters in the left menu. In the upper-right corner, you have options to Export the list, add / remove Columns, and adjust the sorting to Created (Newest) or Created (Oldest).

Manage Connection Requests sort.

Select the Account name of a pending request to review the buyer’s details, including a link directly to their website and a link to the buyer’s email address.

To save yourself extra clicks, use the Columns dropdown in the upper-right corner to include Website and Email in your Manage Connection Requests table.

Manage Connection Requests links.

Use the ellipsis icon in the Actions column to change the Request status to In review, Declined, Archived, or approve the request with Add buyer.

Note: If you’re using an ERP, your workflow will differ.

Connection request actions.

If you Decline or Archive a connection request, the buyer doesn't receive a rejection email.

If you choose to Add buyer, then review and enter information for that buyer (examples: Default Warehouse, Custom Groups, etc.). To save, select Save buyer to contacts. After creating the account, the buyer receives an email that they've connected with you on NuORDER, prompting them to login to view your portal.

Adding connection requests for integrated brands

For integrated brands, first create the company in your ERP, using the information provided in the connection request. You can add buyers to synced companies.

Review connection requests by navigating to Contacts > Connection Requests.

Reminder: If your brand has pending requests, then the number of pending requests is displayed to the right of the Connection requests link.

Connection requests.

To add a buyer to an existing company, select the ellipsis icon on the right of the request and choose Add buyer. Review the buyer data (populated from the connection request), and then use the Company name dropdown to add the buyer to their company. Save by selecting Save buyer to contacts.

Save buyer to contacts.

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Things to keep in mind

Access to the connection manager is based on your brand permissions. To request a change in these permissions, have an admin user reach out to our Support team.

Integrated brands don't see the option to approve requests within the Manage Connection Requests screen, because any new contact should first be added through the ERP. You'll still see the option to deny requests you don't want to provide access to and can archive any requests that have already been added to your contacts through your ERP.

Note: Legacy retail requests aren't supported. Only retailer requests initiated after August 6, 2018 sync with your dashboard.

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