Campaigns and smart groups overview

Campaigns allow you to send Linesheets and Custom Lists to previously created contact groups (Smart or Fixed). 

Note: Also check out our Campaigns and Smart Groups FAQ and Manage contacts.


Use a Campaign to send a Linesheet or Custom List to one or more people. Campaign emails contain the message that you created, followed by your Linesheet or Custom List hero image and the first few listed products.

Campaign emails contain a Shop Now button to take the recipient directly to NuORDER, so that they can browse, place orders, or download a copy of the PDF.

Example Campaign email.

NuORDER automatically tracks when a recipient:

  • Opens an email sent via Campaigns.
  • Selects a link.
  • Places an order as a result of selecting a link from the email.

For each Campaign sent, you can review summary statistics for percentage opened, percentage clicked, percentage resulting in an order, and total order value. You can also drill-down to the individual level, seeing which users completed these actions.

Create a campaign

You can create a campaign in a couple ways. As one option, from the left navigation menu, go to Campaigns and then select Create New.

Create a new campaign.

Alternatively, from the left navigation menu, go to Linesheets or Custom Lists and then open the one you want to email. Select Send in the upper-right corner.

Note: If you didn't create the Custom List, select Clone as Custom List, before you can send it.

Send from a Linesheet ot Custom List.

Select recipients (individuals or Smart Groups), enter an email subject and message, and make any additional selections.

Note: Learn about sending Campaigns as EZ Orders with EZ Orders (for brands).

When you're ready, select Send.

Configure the campaign.

Review campaigns

From the left navigation menu, select Campaigns to review Campaign stats. Select a Campaign to see more details. Also, see Campaign email status to track the results of a Campaign.

You can't delete Campaigns; you can only archive them. To archive a Campaign, select the ellipsis icon menu and choose Archive. When asked Archive Campaign?, select Confirm


Smart groups

Create Smart Groups to use as a dynamic list of recipients for CampaignsSmart Groups are "smart" because they automatically update based on the filter criteria you choose. For example, if you create a Smart Group of customers in Florida, the list updates as you add new buyers in Florida. You can set Smart Group criteria based on any searchable field in your brand's data.

You can also manually create a group with Fixed Groups

With either group type, you can set the Visibility to Private or Shared.

  • Private (default): Only you can see this group. 
  • Shared: If you're an admin, everyone can see this group. Otherwise, for those using subteams, your subteam can see this group. The Shared selection allows admins and sales managers to create Smart and Fixed groups for their teams to use.

Smart groups vs. fixed groups

Smart Groups are created by using filters to filter out contacts you don't want included in the group in bulk. For example, if you're trying to create a contact group with just buyers from Arizona, then you can input AZ into the state filter and receive only buyers in this state based on information in their contacts. Whenever you add a new contact that meets these filter requirements, the contact is added to the Smart Group. You do have the option to exclude buyers if there is a contact that falls into your preset filters and you'd like to remove them from the group.

Fixed Groups are groups that you will manually build by putting in customer emails one by one. If you ever needed to add new users, this will be done manually. New contacts are not automatically added to a Fixed Group.

Create a smart group

From the left navigation menu, go to Campaigns > Create a Smart Group.

Create a smart group.

Enter a name for your Smart Group and set the criteria. Also, you can add a Description and choose to make this group's Visibility Private or Shared.

Configure a smart group.

After creating a Smart Group, you can choose to exclude specific users from the group. From the left navigation menu, go to Campaigns > View Contact Groups and then select a group with the Smart label. Select the X to the right of the user's email address to exclude them from the Smart Group.

Note: If this is a shared group created by another user, you can't make changes. Connect with the user listed in the Created by field in the upper-left corner to request changes.

Exclude a user.

After excluding user(s), select the Exclusions tab to see the excluded users from the Smart Group.

See exclusions.

Create a fixed group

From the left navigation menu, go to Campaigns > Create a Fixed Group.

Create a fixed group.

Enter a name for your Fixed Group, add a Description. and choose to make this group's Visibility Private or Shared.

Search contacts and select their name to add them to the Fixed Group. Select the X next to a contact to remove them from the Fixed Group.

Configure a fixed group.

Additional tips

You can also create a new Smart or Fixed group via View Contact Groups in the left navigation menu. When viewing the Contact Groups page, select Create Contact Group. When prompted, choose Smart or Fixed group, and then select Create New.

Contact groups.

Check out this video on creating Contact Groups.

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