Integration Patterns: Things to consider for a Flat File vs API Integration

NuORDER can support both Flat File and API Integrations. Below are some considerations that may help you decide which Integration is best for your Portal.


Flat File:

  • Most systems already have the ability to export some form of XLS, CSV, or TXT files.
  • Flat File development can be faster to set up.
  • Some ERPs don’t have API capabilities yet or at all (it’s newer).
  • It is easier for NuORDER and Brand Admins to troubleshoot issues as there will be visibility to  the data files being sent. 
  • NuORDER can also help transpose some your data with our ETL tool.



  • Gives Brands the highest level of control. 
  • There may be more flexibility on push/pull schedules & frequency.
  • API development requires more development time from the Brand/Developer. Most brands may not have an internal resource to build this out.
  • Troubleshooting will live primarily with the Brand/Developer.
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